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I'm Married!! 5/12/09 xx

Hi Everyone,

Got married on 5th december, it was an AMAZING day! Just got back from our honeymoon so thought i would post a few unofficial pics of our day image xx

Just about to leave the house to the venue.

A pic with my brother and my bridesmaids.

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  • you look gorgeous!

    can only see the first 2 pics though -think you can only put on 2 per post...
  • oh, i wanna see, i wanna see! two piccies at a time babe..

    lovevintage xx
  • Me and my brother who gave me away. I was very nervous and my bouquet was way too high!

    Me and my gorgeous new husband.

  • We had to have some photos taken in the rain so my hair went a bit flat.

    Our 1st dance.

  • The cake.

    The venue set up.

  • wowza, you look amazing!!!

    More please!

    lovevintage xx
  • And me, slightly worse for wear at the end of the night lol.

  • Are those natural curls? If not, did they end up falling out towards the end of the day? I want my hair curled but a bit worried about them falling out!!

    Lovely pics - looks like it was a fab day image xxx
  • katie40ukkatie40uk Posts: 1,264
    i have just died and gone to wedding dress hevan image you are stunning! you look like i dream of looking on my day - even your hair is how i want mine! your aperfect bride and your hubby is very lucky!

    what music did you have just out of intrest? xxx

    modified - i also notice you have purple, thats what im having! i get married 4/12/10! what were your bridesmaid dresses like?

    im loving yor pics keep em comming xxxxx

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  • A couple more...

  • Thank you everyone and thank you katie40 image i've been picking my photos apart all week because my hair fell out towards the end of the night, but obviously you cant tell as much as i think lol so thank you. MrsAllen2b it rained a bit on the day and i think thats why i felt my curls dropped out a bit and i did have to curl it a bit myself on the night xx
  • Katie40 the music we had was:

    Entrance music was pachelbel - canon in d major.

    Signing register was david grey - this years love

    Exit musi, chicane - poppiholla

    1st dance music googoo dolls - iris.

    And the bridemaids dresses are debut dresses by debenhams, they still have them, i'll post a pic of them! xxxx

  • This is the colour of them.

    And Donna on the right is my bridesmaid where you can see the dress a bit better.

  • katie40ukkatie40uk Posts: 1,264
    ohh yes add more pics! ha what was your dress? is it sabelle? whatever it is its LUSH!!! ha, aww your music is lovely i love david grey this years love, all your music is lovely, i keep changing my mind!

  • Yes it is sabelle image thank you. Have you picked your dress yet?? xx
  • katie40ukkatie40uk Posts: 1,264
    aww they are gorgeous! i love the colour! are they knee lenth?

    yes i have ordered mine im gettin measured for it in jan so they can put the proper order in for it! ive been having a few wobbles these past couple of days! im having maggie sottero melissa boquet, but im having all the flowers taken off it and having a sparkily bracelet sewn on the from where the big flower at the hips is, but now im thinking should i see if i can change it to melissa brooch - they are practically the same, but on my dress there will be nothing pretty on the back of it, but on melissa brooch there is a bit of sparkle!!

    hope that makes sense - ive been dying to rant about it! sorry to hijack your thread! xxxx
  • You havent hijacked my thread dont worry lol, you have to be happy with your dress so wichever one you prefer make sure you get that one else you might regret it. Both dresses are gorgeous, but extra sparkle is always good image! And the bridesmaid dresses were just below the knee xxxx
  • viccipviccip Posts: 2,161

    You look amazing i love your dress!!!

  • katie40ukkatie40uk Posts: 1,264
    thanks hun, i think ive got till jan to decide so ill wait and see.

    just out of intresed did you put your own decorations on the xmas tree to make it match with your colour scheme? xxx
  • Yes i did lol, the venue let us decorate it, i put pink and purple tinsel on it as it was in the entrance to the ceremony room.xx
  • biddyukbiddyuk Posts: 570
    congrats you look stunning xxx
  • You look gorgeous! You really suit Sabelle - what a great dress! Congratulations!
  • HuniibumpHuniibump Posts: 3,913 New bride
    wow, love the venue decor and LOVE your dress, you look stunning hun, congratulations xx
  • Congratulations to you both!! Looks like you had a brilliant day, you looked every inch the beautiful bride!! Love your colours x
  • congrats gorgeous pics, you looked stunning
  • your dress is stunning, you look like you had a lot of fun xx
  • wow you look stunning, and your hair looks lovely,no one would ever notice you had been in the rain!

    gorgeous dress as well!
  • BambagirlBambagirl Posts: 7,506
    Aw, don't you look lovely? And your new husband looks so proud!

    Congratulations to you both!

    Bamba xx
  • biddyukbiddyuk Posts: 570
    congrats on becoming a MRS

    you looked stunning xx
  • i love your hair piece/head band its beautiful. hope you dont mind me asking wheres it from its just want i have been looking for.
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