My mum has got her outfit.......

Hi girls after being really worried about my mum feeling really down about her size and her thinking she looked dreadful in everything... we have got her outfit!

She looked absolutely amazing in it we were both crying. I felt as good as when i bought my own dress........ cant wait to c her on the day now shes going to look beautiful..

You will all find something it just takes persistence........


  • lozzyuk1lozzyuk1 Posts: 1,910
    that`s great - she can stop worrying now then - what has she had?
  • LindaBukLindaBuk Posts: 41
    Hi Clarissa, I know exactle the feeling.

    My mun keeps putting off going shopping and is deperately trying to find ideas on the internet.

    Any suggestions for places to look or ideas that flattered your Mum???
  • clarissa20ukclarissa20uk Posts: 268
    i know shes really pleased so am i although she hasnt told my father the price i think he'd have a stroke. We got it from a shop called rowberrys in swansea, it has loads motb stuff. It is italian lace by ann balon, the woman in the shop had been there for 100 yrs so knew exactly what to pick out for my mum, she picked out a few different outfits that looked great but that one was the winner. it is like a silvery colour and she has a fascinator not a hat, as she is short as well!

    Ithink the best thing you can do is go to a shop that specialises in motb with assistants willing to help this really does make it easier.
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