Newlyweds...can you help me please?!

I have posted this before so apologies if you already read it....!

I'm desperately seeking a reliable chair cover company that will cover London/South East area! I'm not too fussed on price because right now I'd happily pay more to find a company that can deliver a decent service with decent products...proving hard to find! I do need them to offer set up services too though. If anyone can recommend any companies that would be reeeeeeeally appreciated! Thank you!x


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    Hi hun, I used a company called Add Style for my chair covers, and I also hired martini vases and table diamonds from them. They were very good. They are based in Woodley, which is just outside Reading, and I think they cover quite a large area.

    They came and set up the chairs for me at my venue, but we had the ceremony and the meal in the same room, so the venue did the table settings, then collected everything up for them, and add style collected it all on the Sunday or Monday. They will also set a table up to look the way you want yours in their showroom if you want so you can see how it all looks.

    I think this is the website, but if not, google them.
  • Thank you so much, really needing recommendations, have heard some horror stories so far! Will check them out now image
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