How long did you wait for photos?

Hi all,

Just wondering how long you all had to wait for your professional photographs?

We just got married (on 21st Dec) and so have had xmas etc in between which obviously is delaying our photos but we're so desperate to see them so just wondering what the average wait is to help us with our excitement! (I have emailed photographer asking for rough idea but had no response yet)




  • ladyebladyeb Posts: 110
    We were away on Honeymoon for nearly 3 weeks and they were ready a week after we got back so altogether about 4 weeks I would say.

    I know how you feel. I couldn't wait to see mine either but that's when the problems started. It nearly ended in divorce by the time we had finishing choosing them as they were so many we wanted for the official album. A nice problem to have I suppose but stressful nonetheless!!

    Good Luck!
  • ejhunterejhunter Posts: 678
    We got married on the 19th Dec and are seeing our photographer this evening to go through the pics we want in our photobook. I thought it would take a bit longer, now am so excited, hope there are some really good one's where I'm actually smiling for once and hubby isn't looking goofy!!! x
  • Thanks for the replies!

    Hopefully we won't have too many problesm choosing as we get a disc with all images from day on copyright free (one of the reasons we chose our photographer) as well as prints but I guess choosing the prints for the posh album will be hard. There are already so many I love just from friends photos!

    Hope you had wonderful weddings!

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