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would you help me girls please?

Firstly, i apologise if I'm breaking the rules, but in no way am i advertising, just asking for some 'pointers'.

Having done all my own invites stationery etc for our wedding in October and having all the tools for making cards and the like i am looking at going in to setting up a business making inexpensive invites and stationery but i'm looking for some ideas to make up samples.

Can any of you helps with ideas on themes/colour schemes/style of invites etc? I know there are some obvious ones but I also know they'll be ones i'll miss and thought all the lovely ladies on here might be able to help?

Thanks in advance



  • funnyfaceukfunnyfaceuk Posts: 4,251
    Ooo I love this idea!

    How about one for a hollywood glamour wedding, shaped in the style of an old cinema ticket?

  • MrsbbMrsbb Posts: 794
    Wow, what an exciting plan for 2010! I hope it all goes well for you.

    In terms of ideas, I am struggling myself. Perhaps I can suggest more once I have done my own invites.

    Sorry, I haven't been any help, but just wanted to wish you lots of luck in your new venture. x
  • funnyface, that is a great idea. I like the cinema stub idea and that theme is quite popular at the moment. My friends had a similar theme but it was 'ratpack' they were searching everywhere for invites and table numbers etc shaped like old style music records that could have the names etc on the label in the centre. That would be a nice idea for your more unusual stationery section image x

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  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    I'd definitely go for some alternative stuff! You can get traditional stuff everywhere, the same stuff over and over. Have a look on Etsy for things that are already being done, and see if you can find something to slot in with.

    Sounds fun! image
  • non tacky wedding abroad invites are next to impossible to find, that'd be a good one x
  • funnyfaceukfunnyfaceuk Posts: 4,251
    I think the 1950s tea party is still going to be a big thing next year too- so how about some made in the shape of a tea cup?

    Or ones that fold out like bunting with ribbon joining them together? I tried that but it was just too fiddly!

  • clareabellaclareabella Posts: 3,001
    Thanks guys, it's something i've wanted to do for years (bored of office work) and hubby has already said that should we have a little one he'd prefer i stay home rather than go back to work and this is something I can do from home so thought it would be the ideal time to jump at it!

    Was also thinking of putting together packs for brides to be to make themselves along with the instructions on how to put them together, to make it cheaper for brides on a budget......

    Keep the ideas coming pls image

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  • funnyfaceukfunnyfaceuk Posts: 4,251
    I would also do invites for hen days and engagement parties- I never saw many of these when I was looking.

  • Can you post some pics of the ones you made for your own wedding, would love to see them x
  • clareabellaclareabella Posts: 3,001
    i don't have pics of the invites Mrsharding, but do have photos of the order of service, table plan and confetti cones i made......

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  • clareabellaclareabella Posts: 3,001

    Oh, i also made the bouquets:

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