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Sick ... as ... a ... dog!!!

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to rant. I've had awful sickness since Christmas Day and I just can't get rid of it.

When did everyone else stop feeling sick? My mum said she didn't stop until nearly the end of the second trimester ... i CAN'T wait that long!!!

I'm even wearing the seabands, but they only work a little. Anyone got any tips for getting rid of it?



  • Hey Mama... di dnot want to read and run... I have no tips sorry, I have been quite lucky that I've only felt rough a couple of weeks then it's gone off.. you poor thing, it is the most awful feeling!

    I noticed mine is worse when i'm in the car, so it's been great being off work this week, not looking forward to the 1 hour commute each way next week!

    A friend of mine swears by ginger biscuits, not sure if you have tried them (i hate ginger biscuits!) I used to have a slice of toast, with butter - can't stand it dry!

    I hope it ends soon and does not go on into your second trimester - thats just cruel!

    take care xxxxxx
  • I did have quite bad nausea at the start & sitting in work in the morning after the drive in was not pleasant.I drank ginger & lemon tea & ate ginger biscuits or plain crisps.

    My nausea has now subsided a lot & i will be ten weeks on saturday.How far along are you?x
  • mrshelen74mrshelen74 Posts: 9,282
    rich tea biscuits are good
  • Hiya, I'm feeling dreadful too and being at work is a bit of a challenge! I haven't tried the sea sickness bands but will get one this week end. Plain bread helps as well as grapes and clementines. Ginger biscuits don't help, I find the flavour too strong. The worst time for me is after lunch feel really terrible and as mo one knows at work it is tricky. Sickness started at around week 7, I am now week 9+4 and I can't wait for it to stop! My mil said she was sick throughout her pg and so was my mum! I really hope it doesn't happen to me!!!
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