Hen help!

Hello all!

Beginning to plan my hen 'day' (not much of a nightclub lady and don't want it to be an expensive weekend for my friends).

So far the plan is to head to London for the day and whilst there enjoy a fashonista afternoon tea at The Berkeley (looks fab).

This is gonna be around £40 each so anything else needs to come in at a reasonable price.

Anybody got any ideas for something cheap and fun we can do with ourselves in the capital city before grabbing some dinner/show and then heading home?

Much obliged,




  • Hello, Depending on your taste have you tried investigating classes you could do with your hens? I saw an article once about a place you can go to make jewellery, cup cakes etc....

    I used a brilliant company for my dinner / show part of my hen do. Let me know if you want the details.

    Have a great time.
  • Well all the museums and galleries are free. But that's not that exciting for a hen day. If you're travelling by train, you quite often get 2 for 1 to places, that could be something to look into.
  • Thanks ladies

    I have spent a long time looking at the craft classes option, but most come in at about £40 so need to speak to the other ladies.

    There is one where you can have afternoon tea and make a fascinator but seems a waste as have my heart set on the Berkley now : )

    Galleries and musuems are really up my street - but not sure about the others!


    More please xx
  • boat cruise down the river maybe? there is a boat that goes between the tate modern and tate britian.

    You could have a talk with your girls, they might be able to suggest something. They might even like the galleries and museums. AMybe ask them for suggestions. Make the visits to the galleries into some sort of game. Find out what pictures are in when you go, create a quiz, and the one with the lowest score has to do something for the b2b, or something like that.

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  • Had a couple of them round last night and they were not much help!

    They really like the sound of the afternoon tea


    and then am thinking maybe a cocktail workshop or London eye flight.

    Then to Covent Garden to nosey in the shops and have a nice meal and drinks before heading home.

    Opinions please? I really would like to know what you think? xx
  • Although I would really like to see a show - saw Hairspray last year and loved it xx
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    when is it? Covent Garden is great for ambling around when the street performers are there and is surrounded by bars which is always good lol! From there you can walk to Leicester Square/ Piccadilly too x
  • Haven't decided yet - think it will be in July xx
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    Then Covent Garden will be lovely x
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