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Travel sickness bands are working!!

For anyone who, like me, has all day sickness and queasiness, I can recommend the travel sickness bands.

I was being sick about 6 times a day and felt so dreadful it was awful. I am on day 3 of wearing them and I haven't been sick once! I hadn't eaten dinner in over two weeks and I ate my first dinner yesterday and kept it inside me!! Even managed to keep my prenatal vitamin down too :\)

I didn't really believe they would help and only ordered them because I spotted them really cheap online so give them a go if, like me, you couldn't stomach any more stupid crackers or dry biscuits...yuk!!

Now they are a bit uncomfortable to wear so I take them off about an hour after my dinner but the relief they have brought is worth that wee bit of pain. Good luck!!! ;\)


  • ooo thankyou for this, we are not even ttc yet, but soon i hope. i know it sounds ridiculous but my biggest fear about being pregnant is the sickness as i suffer terribly with travel sickness, unless im driving im always sick and nothing seems to work. but hopefully these might work for me with morning sickness! xxxx
  • I will second LittleMissQuinn they are fab I wore mine day and night for weeks x
  • I never imagined how horrible the sickness would be - my sisters had warned me that it's like a constant hangover (which I thought I could cope with) but at least with a hangover you know it'll go away in a few hours. I was a miserable wreck and trying to hide it in work was a nightmare so these have been a lifesaver... I'm only 7 weeks pg so no doubt I would have had about another 6 weeks of hell to get through if I hadn't found these!!

    Good luck Mrs D... image
  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807
    They didn't work for me, they just gave me sore wrists....I ended up trying travel sickness tablets and some others that the doctor prescribed, which also didn't do anything for me. I even tried an anti sickness injection but threw up 20 minutes after having it......nothing seemed to work. Luckily I'm over all the sickness now...just have really bad indigestion to deal with!!!

    Dawn 27weeks

  • Mimi82ukMimi82uk Posts: 280
    do you have a link to the ones you bought LMQ? I am panicking about this as I ahve an hours journey to and from work and have started feeling quesy during the journey. xxx
  • Mimi82, this is the link - they were the cheapest ones I had seen and thought they'd be useless but I actually love them lol! Now they are a bokey grey colour so are not very flattering but who cares when they mean you aren't trying to decide if it's safe to pull over and be sick or if you'll have to be sick over yourself (yes i've been there!)

    I hope that link works...

    PS I see you are a Jacob fan, I love him!!!!! Cant wait for New Moon dvd in march and then eclipse in the summer, yippee!! I am totally buying some of the Twilight maternity clothes and baby bibs on cafe press, so much to choose from!!
  • thanks LittleMissQuinn, i have treid bands similar to this for my travel sickness before, but am going to give these ones a whirl, i will try anything thank you very much x
  • Mimi82ukMimi82uk Posts: 280
    Thank you, I think I might get me some of those, hopefully I won't need them though.. You poor thing sounds like you've had a rough time, do you wear them all day or take them off after travelling?

    I am a sad Jacob fan at 27...haha, whooo of to Cafe Press now! xxx

    Just ordered some bands, thank you! xxx

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  • I wear them all day but they do hurt after a while and i end up going to the toilets and rubbing my wrists like mad. Also, when it's warm, trying to keep them hidden under a cardigan isn't easy (one of the women in work guessed why i was using them but at that stage I was past caring!)

    Eh I love Jacob and Edward and I'm 29 haha! My husband thinks I'm a crazy teenager inside...currently drinking out of my New Moon mug hee hee, so happy I can finally keep down fluids!!
  • SarahSukSarahSuk Posts: 1,667
    Thanks for the link, prob get them just in case x
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