Weaved in hair extensions! Any one had them?

Hi all... Need your help!

Ive tried everything to get my hair looking like Cheryl Coles and it just not happening!

Sooooo, Ive looked into it and apparently a good way of getting thicker hair is having extensions weaved into your hair, its like those clip in ones but sewen into plates in your hair. Ive looked at loads about it on the internet but they dont really have real life people saying what their like.

Do they damage your hair?

How long do they last in your hair?

Do they look obvious?

Are they easy to care for?

Do they hurt?

Loads of questions! image

I was planning to get them done probably a month before my wedding so I can have them for my hen do to but then would they be ok to go on honeymoon with? They would be in for total of about 6-8 weeks? Are they ok on a beach 2?

Ahhhhhhh! Help!

Anyone who has had them done or got them now I would love some advice and pics if you have any!




  • fayefulfayeful Posts: 68
    hiya silverpinky!

    yes i had them earlier this year as a trial run to see how they would be for my wedding - which is this summer.

    they look really nice and you can treat them just like ur normal hair but they really aren't any better than the real hair clip in hair extentions.

    They do hurt a little when they are weaved in but ur so excited about getting them u dont mind, they are quite bulkey on your scalp so u cant wear ur hair back in a high ponytail as u will see the joins on the side of your head, you wash them as you would your normal hair but because they are so think it litterally takes over night for them to dry at the route even when hairdried, i wash my hair every other day and after a week or two I could start to feel the weaves starting to sag, they pull on your own hair but no more than a tight french platt would if you kepy it in for weeks on end, didnt notice any damage to my hair. After three weeks i got my h2b to help me take them out as they were itchy and such a pain to wash and dry without hours to spare. Im not sure how easy they would be to manage on honeymoon in the hot weather/ sand/ sea etc. you need to keep them oiled after washing but even then they do go very dry if you straighten them each day and i just found them hard work (im quite a high maintainance girl) but even i couldnt hack them any longer.

    Have u tried clip in's - they are exactly the same as the hair they use for the weaves but with tiny secure clips at the top - they are amazing, mine cost £50 - well worth it, had them 6 months now - i dont go on nights out without them in ever - i will be using these for my wedding and on my honeymoon when im not on the beach - hope this helps!

  • Thanks hun!

    I am worried about the hassel of keeping them nice.

    I have got clip ins at the mo anyway. I keep worrying about them falling out though. Im a real fidget and constantly messing with my hair and stuff!

    Think I will try them before then, just incase.

    Did you think they looked alot thicker than your normal hair? Trying to get round the idea that your breading your hair and just replacing it with the same amount!

  • fayefulfayeful Posts: 68
    I would def reccommend trying them out before your wedding, faffing with them would have done my head in on honeymoon!

    They are lots thincker than your own hair, only a bit thincker than clip ins tho to be honest - i have pics with me in them and pics with clip ins and there no difference atall! - good luck!
  • yeh they do feel really tight when in and the first day or so they feel tight and painfull, mine caused little scabs on my scalp and you cant wear the hair up as u can see them blatently. hey'd be good if your having your hair down for the wedding but id have them done before the wedding and if u like them have new ones put in as 2 months is too long for them to be in and they will end up looking ratty xxx
  • jingly_mum2bjingly_mum2b Posts: 1,468
    have you tried extensions that are individually glued in?

  • Hi mrsParniani2b!

    Yeah, Ive got them at the m and I love them!

    They felt a little tight for about a day but now I dont even feel them at all! Ive not really told anyone that ive had them done and people just think ive spent more time on my hair or had ot cut. Def LOVE the look they give my hair and even H2B has noticed..... Normaly wouldnt notice anything! LOL

    Would say to anyone to go for it, just think they only look strange when you got from a short bob style to really long hair. My hair was already past my shoulders, the extensions mainly add thickess rather than length so look really natural.

    LOVE THEM!!!


    Ive had them in for about a week and a half now so cant really comment much on if they damage your hair. I havent felt tight on my scalp at all or seen alot of hair fall out!

    If you need anymore info let me know! image

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