Hair-down brides!

I have extremely straight, fine hair that is past shoulder length and all one length therefore making hairstyes hard! It won't hold a curl either. So I'm probably going to wear it down, with possibly a little up in clips, though I'd like to wear a tiara. Anyone wearing their hair down and have any pics?


  • Hi Mez. My hair is also very fine and I'm currently in the process of trying to grow it. My hairdresser suggested clip in extensions. You can add volume that way or have it part curly, part straight. I think I will do something like that as I want my hair down (I dont like my ears) xXx
  • MezCMezC Posts: 563
    Hi Emmie, hadn't thought of clip in extensions - that's a good idea. Might look into that! Have you been given a price for that sort of thing?

    I'm good with make up but not very imagnitive with hair image
  • hi emmie! im the exact boat as you. i have a straight short bob (3inches under chin) & i havnt worn my hair up since primary school because i dont like showing my ears. hav u found any styles yet? if so would u mind posting them. please!
  • ladies try and look at the hair section literally thousands of styles and you can search by style, up, down, long, short etc x
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