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Just wanted to share with you our great experience buying wedding rings with Beaverbrooks.

We went looking last weekend with the intention of just looking and not buying and h2b was adamant about this until we went into beaverbrooks...the service was incredibly friendly and helpful...we were there for ages trying nearly every ring on and we finally decided on 2 rings (they were above our budget but beaverbrooks have got an offer of interest free for 3 years and as we will def of paid them off by then we decided to go with it) anyway h2b was still adamant we were just looking and we'd come back in a couple of weeks and get them...however the offer was due to run out while he was going to be away so the lady offered us 10% off which made h2b think twice and then said we could get them both engraved with names and date for free we have our wedding rings YAY.

Anyway just wanted to recommend beaverbrooks, the staff were fantastic



  • BooWantsBabyBooWantsBaby Posts: 1,738
    Hi K8hat... We saw an amazing wedding ring for my h2b from beaverbrooks. It was massively over our budget at £1200!!!!! But he really likes it and i would love to get it for him. I saw the 0% offer on their website and was very tempted!! H2b said Beaverbrooks were in the Times newspaper as 1st place for top employers... so i can imagine the service was good.. Will have to consider whether i get it for him or not, as it is double the expected budget.. but i guess you only get married once! You got an excellent offer of 10% and your names and dates engraved for free... well done!! xx
  • frandodsonfrandodson Posts: 487
    Beaverbrooks is where we got both my and h2b's rings from.

    Their service was excellent getting mine last year, but then had a bit of a nightmare with h2b's. Nothing major but just not calling us when the ring arrived, then they had ordered the wrong size so we had to go back. They told us it would be in but when we got there it hadnt arrived. It just annoyed me that we drove all that way for nothing yet they knew 2 days before it was unlikely to be in.

    Eventually got the right ring in the right size, but it was just annoying after we had received such great service the first time round.
  • k8hatk8hat Posts: 820
    Hiya Maz, we have nearly doubled our budget due to the 0% offer, but we tried on so many rings and we just had to have them and this made it possible..cant wait to till they come in, can understand you being annoyed Fran, hopefully it will go smoothly - fingers crossed x
  • frandodsonfrandodson Posts: 487
    I'm sure it will go smoothly i think ours was an exception. It just really annoys me when people dont call you when they should. When we're spending so much money i think its wrong that we had to continually call them to find out what was going on.

    We also managed to get 10% off h2b's ring as we had bought mine there.
  • fraulinemariaukfraulinemariauk Posts: 1,648
    I got H2B's wedding gift ...a tag heuer watch at beaverbrooks a couple of weeks ago and the service was second to none, all the staff were more excited than me about the watch and when it came in they all gathered round to admire it!!! I went with the interest free as I so wanted to buy h2b the watch but at £1500 it's alot to spend in one go what with everything else so worked out really well!!!!

    Big up Beaverbrooks!!!
  • k8hatk8hat Posts: 820
    I just loved the fact that the assistant didnt get down hearted or frustrated with us at all, as we must have tried on every ring 2 or 3 times and I was so indecisive, got a glass of sparkly too when we finally decided x
  • frandodsonfrandodson Posts: 487
    I have to admit they didnt get annoyed with us either as h2b really couldnt decide and the only one he really liked was £2800!!! We must have spent 3 weeks in a row going round every single shop.
  • We have got both my engagement ring and our wedding rings from Beaverbrooks. The service is exceptional. Our rings blew our budget to but hey they are for life!! Because we bought my engagement ring from there they discounted the wedding rings by 10% and we too took advantage of 0% for 3 years. On top of that, they also gave us a card that entitled us to 10% off anything else that we buy(bridesmaids presents etc) for the wedding. I could not sing their praises more. Money very well spent.
  • deb_johnsondeb_johnson Posts: 32
    I agree that the service is always great in beaverbrooks as i have had lots of jewellrey from there but for those that havent bought there rings yet i wouldnt get blinded by the fact they knock you 10% off as they make so much money on the jewellrey they sell. I fell in love with a wedding ring from Beaverbrooks which was £1750I went to the jewellrey quarter in Birmingham and explained what the ring was like and they made me the exact same ring for £590! (The shop i had our rings from actually supplied beaverbrooks with a lot of their stock and told my fella he was daft to have bought my engagement ring from there as they could have made it for a lot less). We got a valuation statement for our insurance confirming what the rings were worth as we had paid a lot less.

    If you can get down to Birmingham then i would definatly go there before you go in any highstreet jewellers as they pretty much sell you the bands at cost price and only mark up on any diamonds you have in, etc. (each time we went down they gave my engagement ring a good polish as well!!)
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