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How much ££££?

Just wondering how much your mums spent on their MOB outfit? We recently started looking and was shocked at the prices. Did your mum bargain hunt or splash out for the big day?


  • NearlyMrsMikeNearlyMrsMike Posts: 1,764
    My Mum's dress, floaty jackety thing and scarf thing was £99 from the shop my dress is from. Then she got her hat from Accessorize, I think it was £35 then bag from BHS I think, about £20 and her shoes will be the same as mine (which I don't mind at all - it was my idea and probably won't see my shoes under my dress anyway!) from one of the eBay shops, new for £20 plus about £3 p&p. She said she wanted to splash out for her only daughters' wedding but this looks really inexpensive compared to most outfits she's seen, also it's not a traditional MOB outfit (skirt blouse jacket) and that's good because she didn't want that anyway, it wouldn't suit her. I'd recommend you try the bridal shops as this was so much more reasonable than anywhere else and than what we thought it would be. liz xx
  • ruthewilson21ruthewilson21 Posts: 154
    My mum spent about £450 not including bag, shoes or jewellery!!!
  • vodkasisvodkasis Posts: 93
    My mum spent about £350 on her outfit (which she thought was a bargain - its a silk suit) and probably spent another £80- £100 on jewellery bag and fascinator! She has bought a suit that is jacket top and skirt so she can split it up and wear it lots afterwards. Thats her justification anyway!! To think she had the cheek to moan at me spending £750 on my dress!!image
  • I have no idea what my mum's outfit will cost - mum says she's got to lose weight before she starts looking! She's got 2 years to do that! However, I know that as far as she's concerned, there is no limit on the amount she will spend on THE outfit for her only saughter's wedding (just what she thinks she can get away with when it comes to explaining it to my dad lol!!).
  • kellyduk2kellyduk2 Posts: 3
    My mum spent £650 on an Ann Balon outfit from MOB shop and the shoes,hat and handbag cost £120.00 in the sale from John Lewis.My MIL bought a complete Jacques Vert outfit for £500.
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