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Summer vs Winter

Hello, i thought in my mind i had the perfect date set, a winter wedding, suddenly now started thinking... it'll be cold, dark, and all the photos people will have coats on, i cant use the venues grounds etc. anyone here to reasure me a winter wedding has good points? or to convince me summer is the way to go?



  • GMR2BGMR2B Posts: 73
    Hi There,

    First of all where is your wedding venue? If it is a big place can't you have your wedding pics inside? You could make it really romantic with candles or fairy lights everywhere. I've opted for a summer wedding but that is only because we have decided on a marquee.

    Have you decided where you want to go on your honeymoon? If you have somewhere specific you would like to go - find out when is the best time to go there - that could solve your dilema on the time of year you get married. I wanted to go to the Carribean but during our summer it is their monsoon season so that knackered that idea.

    hope that kinda helps
  • I had a winter wedding but the majority of the photos were indoors. We had a cosy log fire and a big Christmas tree. Comfy looking sofas so guests looked relaxed while enjoying Winter Pimms.
  • I'm going for a winter wedding. Don't want the pressure of everyone expecting great weather that you get with a summer wedding. In terms of pics - I worried about that too, but then thought - even at my friend's weddings in summer, almost all the photos are taken inside.

    What time are you planning on getting married? We're planning on getting married around 2ish - our plan is to then have a few pics outside the church and then possibly a few outside our venue (which would be at about 4pm) - and it wouldn't be dark by then. Although even if it was dark, you'd get some great pics by a professional photographer I reckon!

    My main worry about getting married in winter is being warm enough in my dress, to be honest!
  • I always wanted a winter wedding at first, but then didnt want to wait 2 years (got engaged xmas day 08) and couldnt affotd to do it in a year! and i also thought about the dark and cold etc.

    but i also knew i never wanted a summer wedding! hate the idea of gettin married in summer holidays!

    So i settled on spring! and am very glad i did and am gettin married this may!!xx
  • Totally agree with littlemissleek- lovely winter wedding is the way to go!!! I'm a bit biased though because I had a Christmas wedding image

    Here is a link to photos:

    Saying that I have been to alot of gorgeous summer weddings so really just go with what you feel is right!! xx
  • Mrs-L-2bMrs-L-2b Posts: 1,702
    Bacall - your photos are fab!

    We are getting married on 11th December this year.....we didnt want a summer wedding because i know it would bother me if it rained, whereas for a winter wedding you expect the weather to be not the best! Im looking forward to it being very cosy, big open fire, candles, Christmas tree etc - i can't wait!

  • Oh thanks Mrs Lobley 2B! I hope you have a wonderful wedding- it is very magical at Christmas image
  • TToniukTToniuk Posts: 894
    For all the reasons you have mentioned - I would rather have a summer wedding personally if I had a choice
  • I'm getting married in Feb next year. We picked the winter for the same as mentioned above, in the summer you have the worry about the weather whereas in the winter it's expected to be cold and wet!! Our venue is a tudor manor hotel and so is all old beams and fires, perfect for the winter.
  • i always wanted to get married in may but when my man proposed in oct 08, may was too soon to get everything sorted.

    we didnt really want a summer wedding as in austria you can get some really hot humid days. my cousin got married in july a few years ago and the entire day it was 35 degreed celcius. everybody was sweating buckets (even inside the church) and in the evening there was a massive thunderstorm.

    we didnt want a winter wedding though because of the cold, wet, dark days. obviously in austria you have a pretty good chance of snow, which is nice, but unless its really fresh youre bound to get gross slush and with temperatures of -10 not being unusual, id be freezing my arse off in church for sure.

    given all that, we decided on a sept wedding but the venue we wanted wasnt available. so in the end we booked oct 3rd 2009 and it was literally perfect. 20 degrees and bright blue skies.

    regardless of when you get married, itll be really lovely. you just have to work with the season.
  • I've gone for a winter wedding, always wanted one & there's no guarantee that you can get outside for photos in a British summer. I was at a wedding at the weekend & nobody was wearin coats for the photos just nice jackets so everyone looked very smart.
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