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Malta brides - any advice?

I'm just starting to plan my wedding in Malta for next year. Any advice on the best area to stay, venues and any other general advice/info would be appreciated.


  • Hi,


    I'll be in Malta in August 2011 to photograph a wedding and the place where they go seems to be nice ! It's in St Julians.

    There are few who are getting married in Malta, but it's nice and not expensive.

    Maybe you can contact the bride I'll shoot. She can help you. She's in another chat :


  • Thanks Beatrice, I'll check that out
  • air78air78 Posts: 60
    I'm getting married in Gozo; I'm using this planner, and she's been fab, her communication is excellent image
  • hi. im gettiing marrie din malta in 53 days.

    i love malta it is so special to my fiance and i. My dad was born there and lived in malta for 9 years so consequently most holidays as a child were spent in malta!

    my fiance lived there for a few years growing up too.

    we are getting married in villa arrigo, naxxar. are wedding planners are dream days and they are fantastic.

    where are you getting married? do you know yet.

    i would recommend going to malta to visit and see a few places you can get flights over fairly cheap if you look around.

    mellieha is a nice quiet village near sandy beach.

    buggiba/qwara busier tourist places. near rocky beach

    sliema is nice but quite quiet it has lovely sea promanade and few bars. near rocky beach

    most clubs are in paceville (near st julians)

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  • Thanks future Mrs Bod. Although I haven't been to Malta before, it just felt like the right choice and everything I keep reading only backs that up. I think my next step will be making contact with a wedding planner.

    Only 53 days to go, how exciting! Our wedding will be around April/May 2011 - as this is a similar time of year to yours, do you know what the climate is like at that time of year?
  • i have been to malta in early april before, it was a while ago though (about 12 years!) i remember swimming in outside pool and sea, but they were cold!. i did sunbath and think you needed a cardigan in the evening.

    have looked up the temperature and average is between 16-20 degrees but it does feel warming than uk.

    i would suggest contacting dream days. they are really good and have lots of ideas for weddings.

    Ruby has posted info about her wedding which she planned through dream days too x
  • hey!!

    Me and my H2B are thinking of getting married in malta in 2011.

    we also have never been there but after trawling the internet for somewhere abroad that suits us malta is by far the best place for us, and the wedding planners dream days have been amazing so far.

    we have just booked flights to go and see some venues.

    where is everyone getting married?

    Im glad there are others planning in the same place it makes me feel much better!!

    Tink x
  • air78air78 Posts: 60
    We've been to gozo in late april/ early may a few times, and the weather has been varied... one year we had gail force winds and rain for two weeks! I'd go for the latest date you possibly can, just to try and 'hedge your bets' a bit image

    I'm getting married on 22 may and am expecting it to be warm sunbathing weather during the day, but needing a crdigan on the evenings.

    Hope that helps you!

    If I'd have been getting married on malta, not gozo, i'd have gone for this venue, I think it's beautiful
  • thats reat tahnks yes we are thinking later in the year, just flights booked asap to see the place!!

    The palazzo looks stunning, we have also been looking at villa arrigo? where abouts in gozo are you getting married?
  • akjhenryakjhenry Posts: 180
    Hi we got married in Malta last October and I can't recommend it highly enough, good decision! We decided on October as flights were a bit cheaper for guests and the weather would still be nice without being too hot...We had great weather and had our reception outdoors at a venue just outside Mdina, the Olive Gardens, it was a stunning venue, fab food, gorgeous view looking up on to Mdina...We stayed in St Julian though, us and all our guests as the nightlife is better and its close to buses that can take you anywhere for really cheap, loads of nice restaurants too...Mellieha is also popular though...We were originally going to organise ourselves but ended up going with Desiree at Tunin entertainment, you can also just use tunin for booking music though...If you want any info or pictures feel free to ask questions!!
  • malta 09Bride

    Thants so helpful thanks and makes me feel much better knowing people have had amazing weddings there. The olive groves are one of the venues we are going to see, so any pictures you have would be so fantastic.

    Yes we are also thinking september / october and cant stand it being too hot, but want nice weather as going to do it outside!!

    We are staying in St Julians in April, we heard this is the best place!!

    Did you use a wedding planner?
  • akjhenryakjhenry Posts: 180
    Yeah, we booked through Tunin entertainment and I was really happy we did . We were originally going to do it on our own but it was sort of done up like a package& i don't think it worked out any more expensive to be honest..also it was nice knowing somebody would be there to take care of everything on the day and help with the paperwork! We were only a small group of 25 so I was worried the Olive Gardens would be too big but it really felt like an ideal size...When we picked the venue we only seen it during the day but when you see it in the evening with the lights all around the gardens and the view up on to Mdina it really is breathtaking! All our guests thought it was strange that we weren't having a seaside venue but when they seen it they were so impressed and everybody said it was like something from a film! I really recommend it! Its good too as you can buy in drinks at wholesale price and just pay for somebody to man the bar...worked out really cheap. There are no rooms at the Olive

    Gardens but this didn't really bother us as we were only a small group & we finished up early enough at the venue and then went out in Paceville which was loads of fun in our wedding gear! We hit the karaoke bars and then a couple of night clubs and it was the best fun! We married on 20th October, the weather was luckily really nice on the day but it was a bit chilly on a couple of days around it so maybe late sept/early oct would be a bit warmer... I can recommend almost everything we had and nything you want to know I'll be happy to help with, feel free to email!! I must get my finger out and do a bit of a wedding report but for now I'll post a couple of pictures of the venue - they don't even do it justice but you can get a bit of an idea of the table set up..we had a church wedding but the Olive gardens can hold a civil ceremony indoor or out
  • Loulou_MLoulou_M Posts: 230
    Palozio Parisio in Naxxar is just beautiful, with fab food. I lived there for 5 years up until 2008. I was there at the weekend and went to Palizio Parisio and it was great they have a very grand ball room and lovely gardens for pre drinks etc.
  • akjhenryakjhenry Posts: 180

  • Loulou_MLoulou_M Posts: 230
    PS please note that all shops are closed on Sundays I had forgotten how frustrating that can be!!
  • akjhenryakjhenry Posts: 180
    Another pic from different angle!

  • Hello

    Malta is great - that is where everybody should get married - sun sea gorgeous climate and best of all - everyone speaks English!!
  • Hi,

    I am getting married in Malta in September. There are lots of venues to choose from. We decided to book through a wedding planner. We used , very helpful friendly and professional.
  • Hello,

    Me and my husband to be go to Malta every year and are booking our wedding this year for 2014, we will be getting married at xara palace in mdina it's simply spectacular, we will be having a church service first also in mdina.

    I can recommend the Hilton at portomasso we saw 2 weddings there last September and it was incredible! The area was lovely too. It's gorgeous round in st juliens and belluta bay is fab too and I can't recommend the merriden highly enough it's fab, if you are looking for a small venue for a small wedding the building infront of the Meriden is stunning and the food is to die for! A restaurant up the road called barracuda is incredible inside and have been to a beautiful wedding reception there, it has a section that practically sits high up above the sea! Again the food there is wonderful especially if you like sea food!

    Valletta is fabulous too if you want a stunning back drop to your day, that's why we chose mdina! Happy to help if you need anything!

    A x
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