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Denise Austin - Has anyone tried it?

Just come across it online and curious as to if it can actually work as seems to good to be true. Has anyone actually tried it?

(disclaimer - Not particularly thinking of buying it right now, just wondering about it x)


  • I think it's another one of those 'give me money and I will tell you things you already know' kind of things

    The truth is that we know what to eat, drink and do to make us happy with our bodies but make it hard for ourselves by focusing on things we 'cant' have

    Just eat when your hungry (I hate all these eat at so and so times- if your not hungry your body will store that food as fat no matter what time it is), cut out sugar, move daily, make your diet 60-80% fresh fruit and veg and eat whole foods

    I stick with no label foods and foods with 1 to 5 ingredients in that I understand, work out for 30-60mins per day (alternating cardio and weight resistance) and water when I'm thirsty not because someone tells me I have to drink 2lts per day.

    Good luck with your health and fitness plans honey x

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