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Doing my own flowers....where to buy the flowers?

My Mum is good at flower arranging so I really want her to do this for my wedding so she's involved. Does anyone know the best place for me to buy the flowers directly in the Glasgow area?


  • Hi bride_rainy,

    i was thinking of doing my own flowers and i heard a lot of recommendations for flowers for florists. They do have a website if you google it.

    They are in Holland and supply the florists all you have to do is go on the website and regster. The flowers are cheap and look fab. They deliver direct to your door.

    I am sure i have seen other threads about this company on the forums.

    Good luck

    I am sure there is a flower market at Blochairn in Glasgow, not usre what days but you coudl search online.

    Hope this little info helps

    Aug 2010 X:\)
  • AnnasMummyAnnasMummy Posts: 367
    A friend of mine has gone for artificial and she got the stuff in country baskets at blochairn beside the gastanks, she made them in bouquets herself!x
  • defo try country baskets at blochairn fruit market i got lots from them and the stuff is really nice x
  • feefeefififeefeefifi Posts: 129
    Im getting some arrangements form a florist but doing the table ones ourselves - I heard that at the Fruit Market you can only buy massive boxes of stuff is that true?

  • feefeefififeefeefifi Posts: 129

    did a search and found a couple of places that deliver - havent got prices yet tho....
  • design_erdesign_er Posts: 80
    Last time I went to the baskets place we couldnt buy anything as we werent a 'registered business'... it was five years ago though, but has that all changed - can members of the public buy there now?
  • Thanks so much for the replies. I'm thinking of going with flowers4florists - seems to be about £1 each per flower with £160 minimum order.

    I'm having small posy - 2 posies for BMs and about 6 button holes. 2 arrangements for the ceremony.

    I'll get plenty on that website to cover that.

    Do you think this is the best option for me, or do you think I should consider artificial too? I have no idea how much this lot would cost me at a florist.
  • feefeefififeefeefifi Posts: 129
    Does sound reasonable but you might as well enquire at a florist - even just to get some tips and suggestions from them
  • lisad1612lisad1612 Posts: 97
    hey do artificial flowers and they look lovely. really reasonable too x
  • Hi There

    I went to country baskets and the fruit market and neither would let me buy anything as i didnt have a trade card.

    There is a mini flower market in Johnstone that sell individual flowers ie. roses are £2 a stem.

    I found a florist in Govan and am getting them to do my flowers as it worked out cheaper than going to the place in johnstone and doing them myself and less hassle. Its a wee fruit/flower shop which doesn look much but the woman is very nice my bouquet of 20 roses is £40 and my bridesmaids of 12 roses is £25.

    When are you getting married? You could ask her when her next wedding is a go in and see if you like them or not!

    Di x
  • I'm going to country baskets, luckily my bridesmaid's Mum has a trade cardimage
  • kwaleskwales Posts: 117
    Bride_Rainy - if that is your dress in your avatar, then I'm your dress twin!!

    I'm thinking of doing my own flowers for the reception too, live in Edinburgh and one of my mum's friends apparently knows somewhere to get flowers wholesale - will let you know if I find out. I'll also check out those online places - my only worry would be making sure they were nice and fresh? I guess if they've come straight from Holland they probably would be though. Hmm, lots to think about! x
  • Thanks for all the useful replies.

    I'm now thinking I might go for the artificial ones. Does anyone know if Country Baskets do the 'real-touch' type flowers. I want them to be realistic looking!

    Also I know you need a trade card to buy (which I can get from a family member) but I'd like to just browse first. Is it ok to browse without the trade card or do you have to produce it to enter the shop?

  • morag82morag82 Posts: 188
    U need it to get in as they take your card no. as you go in.


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