slimming pills that work!!

i have tried a few different pills all costing sooo much but none worked, i have a friend who started taking trim-endous and in less than a month shes lost over a stone! so i thought i would try them, and in 8 days i have lost 5lbs!!!

they seem to work for me by stopping me crave food as much, however i will say they somtimes make me feel like a bit sick at the thought of even eating...its hard to explain!

and sometime i feel like i cant talk because my mouth is soo dry! lol but they are totally working for me and i will see how much weight i lose this month. i only need to lose a stone/stone and a half for my big day!

has anyone else used these? if so what did u think?



  • elle110elle110 Posts: 63
    Hi bella

    These sound great, have you been weighed yet? i think i will definatley get some. I have 18lb to lose for the big day its in 11 weeks. Ive decided to do low/no carb all week for the next two weeks.

    When is your big day x
  • cath7673cath7673 Posts: 195
    ive just ordered these as want to loose some weight but i just love my food! no will power at all. from all the ones ive looked at these seem to have virtualy no side effects
  • MrsHBarneyMrsHBarney Posts: 195
    Hi, I was considering getting Adios, has anyone tried that... if so, did it help at all?

    I'll get on and google trim-endous now!

  • I know people who've tried adios and they said it didn't work at, I've been googling a trim-endous there arent many reviews other than those on the website which i never trust lol image

    It'd be good to hear if anyone else has tried them
  • cath7673cath7673 Posts: 195
    i found a few independant reviews after alot of googling! im very sceptical over lots of things! they shoulkd arrive tommorow so il have a go and let you know whether they work or not!
  • Where did u order them from? I've checked and they also sell them on eBay
  • I must say that it disturbs me how quickly some people are willing to start popping pills. If they really worked then doctors would be prescribing them and not xenical et al with the well-known side effects. All the pills I have seen recommend that they be taken alongside a healthy diet and exercise programme, so if you lose weight then guess what is making the difference ... and it's not the pill. The only way to lose weight and maintain after you reach target is to make permanent changes to your lifestyle and popping a pill isn't going to re-educate you.
  • bellabeanukbellabeanuk Posts: 426 New bride
    well tonight i weighed myself! today is my 11th day and i have went from 11.4 to 10.10!!!! im soo happy- yeah i no there are not many reviews thats why i wasnt going to spend the money on them but im so glad i did!!!

    i tried Adios but they didnt do anything for me at all, these are the first ones that have really worked for me!

    if anyone orders let me know how they work for you? xx
  • bellabeanukbellabeanuk Posts: 426 New bride
    splish splash- everyone is entitle to there own opinion and i think that most of us are very aware of what you have said but I had already lost 25pound with slimming world but i need things to hurry along and so far its working for me and i will continue to use these!
  • cath7673cath7673 Posts: 195
    everyone is different and i dont think anyone can assume peoples reasoning or judge when they dont know the person. many people try very hard to loose weight and follow healthy eating plans but somtimes these dont work and a helping hand is needed. well done bellabean, il let you know how i go!
  • I think I'm going to get them. I should only need about 1 months supply, ive just changed my pill and think it has increased my appetite and am really struggling to lose the last 10lb or so, dress fitting in about 8 weeks so need to get my weight down by then, I'll let u know how I get on x
  • bellabeanukbellabeanuk Posts: 426 New bride
    Yeah thats the one i have, let me know how u all get on! x
  • elle110elle110 Posts: 63
    Hi Bellabean!!!

    Wow well done go you!!!Well i ordered mine yesterday, i have only ordered a weeks supply (although now im kicking myself and thinking i should have order a full month, suppose i can easy order some more before mine run out.)

    I'll keep you posted on weight loss fingers crossed! Thanks for letting me know about them xx
  • bellabeanukbellabeanuk Posts: 426 New bride
    you will notice it by your second day at the most!!you are prob best just trying them for a week to see how they help you that way if you feel they dont work it wont be too much money wasted!!

    i seen they 2month supply was on offer so i think il get them once mine run out!x
  • podka123podka123 Posts: 85
    I've been looking for the name of these!!

    Thank you so much i've just ordered mine - I've got 16 weeks to go and i want to lose about 20 pounds.

    Need to get rid of all these easter eggs!!
  • cath7673cath7673 Posts: 195
    the first tablet has been taken! Watch this space!
  • I ordered mine yesterday and they've just arrived this morning so I've taken my first one as i'm not that long after breakfast. I still want biscuits at the moment, will let u know if I still want biscuits later on lol x
  • MrsKiraSRMrsKiraSR Posts: 1,424
    Hi Bella, you asked which ones i have been taking that have worked so well. Mine are phen375. Amazing things!

    K x
  • Hate to be a buzz kill... however, I would really be cautious about taking something that makes you feel ill at the thought of eating and gives you a dry mouth to the extent you can't speak. These are quite bad side effects in my opinon. How has your sleep been since starting them?

    "All natural" does not mean all safe at all! For example, ephedrine, ( a common plant extract which is marketed as a natural weight loss drug, has been known to cause death by kidney failure.
  • mark01uk1mark01uk1 Posts: 152
    What are the side effects of trim endous? I have looked on their site and it doesnt really explain what they are, a stone a month sounds good to me though! Tell me more!
  • bellabeanukbellabeanuk Posts: 426 New bride
    my sleeping patterns have not changed at all, and they do state on the pack that you need to increase your daily water intake by 3-4 glasses. thats the only bit i find hard as i dont really get enought time to drink water so then i feel like i really need water! lol i think this is something i really need to work on over the next few days!

    im not sure i 'felt differnt' the first day but i def did on the sencond day let me no how you are getting on. x
  • elle110elle110 Posts: 63
    hey bella!! Mine have arrive today but they've gone to the post office (hate it when that happens) im going to grab them first thing and start them tomorrow!! Keep me posted how you are doing. Hope i can lose 8lb in 11 days too!!!image
  • elle110elle110 Posts: 63
    Hey bella one thing i keep meaning to ask, are you dieting with the pills too? Im doing low carb xx
  • bellabeanukbellabeanuk Posts: 426 New bride
    elle- i wouldnt say im dieting but i have (at times) tried to watch what im eating but in the past week iv had a mc donalds lol (which i couldnt finish) and fish and chips lol haha sounds so bad!! il be slated by other any min now and be told to stop eating crap and lose weight that (If anyone does feel like saying this just keep it to your self please)

    today i had soup and wheaten bread, and a bbq for dinner! i just dont snack through the day now.

    o but one other thing that may be helping me is that i never get a chance to stop in work, im constantly kept busy all day! but my friend who reccommended these to me works in a call centre and she lost a stone still so not sure if it will make much difference!
  • cath7673cath7673 Posts: 195
    hi! Well day one over and no change yet so fingers crossd they will kick in 2day! Only need to loose 12 pounds nw but have found this last bit so hard . Found my mouth to be bit dry but that encouragd me to drink loads of water which i normaly find hard. Good luck everyone!
  • just to let you know, trim-endous contain MULBERRY LEAF EXTRACT 90mg

    ??? Suppresses high blood sugar levels

    ??? Interferes with carbohydrate absorption i.e. prevents it turning into fat if it is not burned off

    ??? Reduces blood glucose levels

    ??? Boosts metabolism (which burns calories)


    ??? Appetite suppressant ??? Boosts metabolism

    ??? Can increase heart rate


    ??? Stimulant for digestive tract (relaxes bowels)

    ??? Reduces blood sugar levels

    ??? Can lower blood pressure


    ??? Helps with water retention (is a diuretic)


    ??? Amylum is the chief storage form of energy reserve now everything.. image

    so im with you girls good luck to you all xxxxxxxxx for everyone.

    p.s NO EPHEDRINE in TRIM-ENDOUS !!!!!!
  • Well im with you girls who dont mind giving it a go , if you dont try it youll never know.

    And just for infomation girls :

    Mulberry leaf extract 90mg

    ..supresses high blood sugar levels,

    ..Interferes with carbohydrate absorption i.e. prevents it turning into fat if it is not burned off

    ??? Reduces blood glucose levels

    ??? Boosts metabolism (which burns calories)

    Citrus Aurantium extract 85mg

    ??? Appetite suppressant ??? Boosts metabolism

    ??? Can increase heart rate

    Cassia Seed extract 55mg

    ??? Stimulant for digestive tract (relaxes bowels)

    ??? Reduces blood sugar levels

    ??? Can lower blood pressure

    Coicis extract

    ??? Helps with water retention (is a diuretic)

    Medical Amylum (starch) 120mg

    ??? Amylum is the chief storage form of energy reserve

    Oh look NO EPHEDRINE..

    Good luck to you all xxxxx

  • Well im with all you girls willing to give it a go, and for those who implied it must have ephedrine.... IT DOESNT , or any other nasty drug for that matter ,

    why knock it if you havent tried it ....!!

    good luck all xx
  • Hi

    Not had a reply to any of my posts yet? But I'll let u know how i'm doing anyway. I had my first one yesterday morning and had a salad for lunch in the afternoon and didnt feel hungry at all, usually I crave sweets and biscuits in the afternoon. I had grilled chicken with vegetables for tea and again that was more than enough so I definately feel it working already, not been hungry at all. I have had to drink more water but no real side effects x
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