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weight loss!!!!!!

so frustrated i have been working my butt off lol i do body attck mon, tue pump, wed tone and fri usually attack if can make class now starting spin again on a sunday been doing this for weeks and dont seem to be losing weight according to scales coming off myy ass and boobs lol not my arms or tummy i had a second baby a year ago and i did lose all my baby weight naturally without trying but i wanna be a size 8 and hopefully bout 8-8 and a half stone currently at just under 9 and a half. i know it prob own fault cant cut the chocolate haha but why i am not losing pounds when working so hard xx


  • Chazza, well done for sticking to your exercise programme! Unfortunately, as you have found, you won't lose weight with exercise alone, you need to combine it with a healthy eating programme. I would recommend keeping a food diary for a week to see what you eat, in what quantities and when. You could perhaps identify where you are able to cut down or make changes.

  • chazza83chazza83 Posts: 87
    yeah i think i am going to do this never actually kept a food diary i def need to start cutting back my boss had told me dried fruit is not fattening !!!!! but i have now read it is i was so annoyed hahaha xx
  • Dried fruit is full of sugar, albeit naturally occurring ones. This has the effect of raising your blood sugar really quickly which then drops and you feel starving. If you do want to have dried fruit, just have a little bit and have a few nuts or seeds with them. Good luck.
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