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Tracey Anderson Workout - we US brides to be are loving it!

Hey guys sorry if this is already something that you're doing in Britain but just wanted to let you know something realistic that works without costing the earth or your dignity! My girlfriends and I got together 5 months ago (all of us getting married at some point this year or early 2011) and chipped in for a bunch of the Tracey Anderson DVD's and have gotten together regularly to do them together, motivating each other etc, as well as doing them on our own when times were tight with time, work, kids etc.

Well just wanted to let you know that they really do work, even for someone normal and anti-gym like me! In November I was a US size 26 and I'm now US size 14, with a few months to go! So yaay me and my girlfriends! Seriously try it and you'll love it too. I'll admit I cut back on the crap I was eating, and put in 8 hours of exercise a week, so it ain't a miracle cure by any means, but if you're willing to work at it and feel the burn then it'll totally work. Youtube it and there's a few links x

Good luck to anyone trying it, I'm hoping to get down to a US 12 before my wedding in a few months so will keep you updated and then post pics after my wedding (FH is a nosey parker!) x



  • WasMrsAshleyWasMrsAshley Posts: 1,042
    I second that...the DVD is very good and this post has reminded to get doing it again....x
  • Hello- i've been a big fan of her mat workout since christmas, and it's the only thing i've found that has toned up my arms, waist and thighs. It's my saviour!!
  • zivatonyzivatony Posts: 337
    Seriously the arm segment makes me BURN! Guess it's working though! x
  • zivatonyzivatony Posts: 337
    Update: have now lost 60lbs in 5 months just doing the mat workout DVD 4 times a week, the beginners dance cardio 3 times a week and eating 3 square meals a day! Yaay! - and I lost the least out of my group of friends! Still a US 14 though image oh well, keep going! xxx
  • missford1missford1 Posts: 26
    Wow, Well done to you image that is seriously impressive image
  • zivatonyzivatony Posts: 337
    UPDATE: I'm a 12 now (UK14???) patting my self on the back for keeping this up - the work outs never seem to get any easier though - what's up with that?!!! My girlfriends and I are starting the atkins diet induction phase tomorrow in an effort to kick start this last bit before the wedding off with a bang! Wish us luck xxx I figure I've lost 71 lbs now and have about 15-20 more to go until my goal weight so if I keep up Tracy's workouts, keep varying them so I'm changing my routine a lot, and try this new diet that I'll hopefully be on to a winner! x Will update again only if it works ha ha!
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