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  • cheryl654cheryl654 Posts: 366
    Just heard a lovely song by Will Young today - think it may be a new one but think it may be the one to dance to. A bit alternative and can't remember what its called but will get back to you when I find out!!!!!!!!!! It was on Radio 2 so hope its new and I'm not years behind - have to turn over for the morning news!!!
  • bellaukbellauk Posts: 357
    H2B and myself are thinking about Barry White - My first, my last, my everything. Think it would be quite amusing to see everybodys faces. Other than that we both love If You're Not The One by Daniel Bedingfield. Can't decide.
  • we are having let's stay together by al green we love it really slushy and a classic song..not something we'll look back on and cringe a few dodgy looks from mum when i mentioned it though..thats like alot of my ideas though!! the barbeque one didnt go down well either...anyway off ona tangent there..
  • juliabird1juliabird1 Posts: 158
    cheryl654 - think it might be 'All Time Love' the one you heard. He released it at the start of the year, it was on the radio during the drive to Brize Norton to drop h2b off to go to Iraq so I cried a lot when I kept hearing it on R2 after that!!
  • CarolUKCarolUK Posts: 108
    Planning a wedding is stressful enough but the extra worry of having your fiance in Iraq must be horrendous for you Julia. If we can help as a sounding board to offload any worries and fears and/or for moral support feel free - there's alot of love on this site.
  • juliabird1juliabird1 Posts: 158
    Thanks so much. He is back in 3 weeks time, so the worst is over really, but wont be completely happy till I see him walk through that arrivals door! He came home for a weeks leave only a couple of weeks ago, so we did 3 months apart before he came home and knew he only had 5 weeks left when he went back. When I showed him everything I had organised while he'd been gone he only wanted to change one very very minor thing! What a star! He will be back in plenty of time for all the proper organising and my super Monica like stressing about al lthe little stuff! So no escaping that!
  • hiyaUKhiyaUK Posts: 37
    My H2B and I have completely different tastes in music. We just can't decide.
  • julie617julie617 Posts: 27
    I like Shania Twain - "From this Moment"

  • DillyukDillyuk Posts: 14
    Hi Guys, we are having REM "At my most beautiful" Its a really simple song with lovely lyrics. Love the way he sings it. We knew it was right as soon as we heard it.
  • vanuk1vanuk1 Posts: 103
    Same as..... no special song! Thought for months, finally decided on Al Green's "Let's stay together" as it is funky and not really really slushy. Still nt 100% though! Our band our going to learn it specially, so I guess I had better be! I just SO wish we had a definite "our song"!

    My adice would be to have what YOU want, whether other people think it is appropriate or not. My best friend had a massive attack song. I think it makes a difference if a band or disco are playing it, because if a band are, then you have to be prepared for the song to sound a little different to how you know it!
  • karenngkarenng Posts: 77
    Not got a clue but glad this list is here....will come up with something soon and keep posted!
  • we are having ' come what may' (from moulin rouge)

  • elliotlukelliotluk Posts: 250
    entering the room, its either desree romeo and juliet or good riddance by green day, just the instrumental though. it can be either of them when we are signing too. When we walk out it will be bill whithers lovely day ((that is our song but we dont really want to wiggle to it) for our dance it may be again desree romeo and juliet or louis armstrong wonderful world. aerosmith dont want to miss a thing is also a option. When we leave our last dance will be good riddance, istrumental again. choices or jut the 2 of us bill whithers. Cor thats alot
  • GledsGleds Posts: 6
    I love "Your Beautiful" by james Blunt, however, the words ane not really appropriate, does anyone know if there is an instrumental version we can play whilst signing the registar?

  • elliotlukelliotluk Posts: 250
    there should be an instrumental, you could look on the cd single or just look on the internet, im sure you will find it
  • RosyPosyukRosyPosyuk Posts: 215
    We were going to go for "Have I told you lately" but decided that it was a bit too slushy and would probably make us both cry. Instead we've picked "Better Together" by Jack Johnson which is light and happy and full of great sentiments. Plus- bonus is it has a quickstep beat apparantly so here come the lessons!...image
  • Quoted:
    I love "Your Beautiful" by james Blunt, however, the words ane not really appropriate, does anyone know if there is an instrumental version we can play whilst signing the registar?


    You could try looking for a karaoke cd!!!
  • Ali88ukAli88uk Posts: 58
    We're having 'You Had Me from Hello' by Bon Jovi. It's so sweet and romantic, and the words say exactly how we felt when we met. The chorus:

    'The first time I saw you

    It felt like coming home

    If I never told you

    I just want you to know

    You had from hello'.

    Plus I'm mad on Bon Jovi. He's not, but he loves this song too so that's ok!
  • Hi there,

    We're going for full on slush, I want to see my guests cry...we're having Songbird by Eva Cassidy (Love Atcually soundtrack). We did think of a lot of others but kept coming back to this.

    We're also having Time of my life (Dirty Dancing) as our last dance and I want to see everyone up dancing, not sure if I can persuade hubby to b to learn the dance routine but I'll try!!!!
  • elliotlukelliotluk Posts: 250
    RosyPosy i have only just heard the jack johnson song and we bought the album, i love that song, it is definately in the running for THE SONG, it says it all
  • Heaven by DJ Sammy but the candlelight version. I think it is a beautiful song and brings a tear to my eye every time i hear it!!!!!
  • Kerri what a GOOD choice of song!!! (DJ Sammy) we are keen dance fans from the growing-up-in-the-90's generation and so the dance of that is quite appropiate to us, therefore the slower versoin (which i didnt know unti you said it, so i looked it up!!!) is perfect!!!

    would you be angry if i nicked that!!!?!!!

    altough our original choice "Kiss Me" is nice too!!!

    AAAARGH!!! wish we just had an "Our Song"!!!

  • Not at all Pink!!! Glad i cud be off assistance. It is such a lovely song and the words are perfect!!!!!
  • We were really stuck on a song too, my hubby-2-be is a big James Bond fan and our song was Nobody does it better by Carly Simon from the spy who loved me. The words are nice but we might have it as signing the register or coming out of church instead. Think we're having From this moment on by Shania Twain for the first dance as the words fit perfectly for a wedding i think.

    Is anyone having a dvd of their wedding filmed, we are and have to pick 4 songs for that too.

    My friend had what a difference a day makes by Jamie Cullum, thats nice!
  • wife2bwife2b Posts: 121
    we're having heaven by brian adams
  • we're not having a first dance as we're both terrible dancers and don't want people staring at us and our lack of rhythm so we're leaving the church to Jack Johnsons "better together" then in the evening when the dancing starts me and my girlfriends are hitting the floor to Blondies one way or another!
  • elliotlukelliotluk Posts: 250
    ohhhhhhh, kiss me. i must stop coming in this room because everytime i do, i change my mind. I have got a list of possible first songs, process of elimination i suppose. im not coming in here again.

    thanks ladies

  • glad it's not just us "real" people struggling for songs!!! i was watching Eastenders and see that Billy & Honey are struggling too!!! Think we all have better choices than them tho!!!

  • Laurakate - you're fantastic! I wanted a contemporary song to walk down the isle too (just can't agree on a classical piece with H2b) and we've decided that I'll walk down the isle to what a difference a day makes - think it'll be a lovely start to the day!
  • julie617julie617 Posts: 27
    Frank Sinatra - The way you look tonight is lovely
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