decorating sweetie tables

Hi we get married in 5 weeks just started buying our sweets for our sweetie table.

Does anyone have a good idea of how to decorate a sweetie table as it will be plain just sweets in a jar..



  • gourmandgourmand Posts: 45
    I'm buying black letters from POSH graffiti. I've seen lots of couples spell out the phrase "Let them eat cake" on the cake or sweetie tables.

    I'm going for something a little more geeky by having "Wafer thin mint?" from Monty Python.
  • JaneK2011JaneK2011 Posts: 516
    You could tie bows on the jars and scoops in your wedding colours. You could put a photo of you as a couple in a frame. Height makes a display look more interesting, so try to use a couple of very tall jars or use some long sweets like giant lollies, candy canes or tall flumps. Tall single stem flowers or a tall vase with floating candles looks elegant.
  • JaneK2011JaneK2011 Posts: 516
    You could also use a patterned table cloth. You could scatter confetti or crystals.
  • I've got 'love' letters in red from next which will be going on the table and also got 'love heart' confetti saying just married, may put some table crystals on there as well
  • MrsAkpinarMrsAkpinar Posts: 148

    you could get empty shoe boxes or cardboard boxes and wrap them up in wrapping paper to suit your theme and put them on the sweety table and put the jars on them so they can all be at different levels.

    hope you understood what i ment.
  • WasMrsAshleyWasMrsAshley Posts: 1,042
    I was thinking of buying a shabby chic looking smallish bookcase to put on the table and put some of the sweetie jars in....also, do chocolate letters so you could spell out 'candy buffet' or something like that. I have bought a carousel of 200 chuppa chup lollies off Ebay too and have two huge wine glasses either side of the table to give a bit of height and also have some plastic martini glasses to put different sweets in... x
  • LeanneJamesLeanneJames Posts: 206
    A variation of what MrsAkpinar2b said is to place the shoe boxes under the table cloth to give height?
  • i've bought loads of really decrative bowls from charity shops spent about £15 on 10 bowls!

    also got a few bits from
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