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Please help decoration ideas needed urgently!

MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761

We went to our venue to pay off the balance today and we saw our room all done up for a wedding. They had 6 less tables than we would have and a colour scheme that clashed with the room, but other than that the room just had no wow to it. They had chosen low level centrepieces like we have, and my partner said its not great is it. I had to agree with him. Its a beautiful hotel, but really in all honesty the room is what it is - its a conference room.

apart from a starlight backdrop for behind the table and maybe topiary trees with lights on has anyone else any ideas? I don't want balloons as we have 20 kids coming and they won't stay as decorations for long.

I'm wondering if I should change to higher level centrepieces instead?

Thanks for reading this far, sorry I've waffled.x


  • NewcastleBeccaNewcastleBecca Posts: 1,450
    If high centrepieces are too pricy you could have half tall, half high.

    In my personal opinion, its about lighting. If you dimmed the lights rather than have them as conference lights and then put beautiful tea lights on the table. Its not just people that look better by candlelight! Venues do too!
  • JHyamsJHyams Posts: 1,848
    I personally love high centrepieces, they give such a dramatic effect, but they can be pricey. You could also have a nice garland across the top table (if its rectangular!). How about having chair covers with sashes? Scattering flower petals over the tables look lovely, especially if the colour of them is contrasting to the colour of the table cloths (i.e. we're having white table cloths with dark, royal blue petals). Candles can give quite a nice effect as well.

    If price isn't an too much of a worry, you could have ice sculptures!

    Hope this helps x
  • MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761
    We've got cream moroccan lanterns which are about 40cm high which will be on mirror plates with a lit candle in. Decorated with blue butterflies and navy ribbon. The chairs will all be covered and have navy sashes. You're probably thinking whats she stressing about but the chairs yesterday were covered and it still just looked like blah.

    I think the candles will make a difference you're right. What I might do is ask them to set up a table and take one of the lanterns down and light it see what it looks like.

    thanks for your help newcastlebecca and jhyams xx
  • JHyams - Where did you find navy/dark blue rose petals from please? My colour scheme is Midnight Blue, Silver and White, so would like some Dark Blue Petals...



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