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Bargain Sweetie table

shimmenashimmena Posts: 282
Hi Guys

I'm just getting my portfolio together and will be doing my first 5 sweetie tables at rock bottom prices. If you are thinking of having one take a look at my rough mock up, it is shown without sweets but you will get an idea of what you will get. Can be done in any colour scheme. I am based in Hertfordshire, so can do London and surrounding areas.

email me if your interested. [email protected]


  • MrsCoe2bMrsCoe2b Posts: 150
    Cannot see the photos hun

  • mrs2be2010mrs2be2010 Posts: 235
    No me neither image
  • MrsCoe2bMrsCoe2b Posts: 150
    That looks so nice,I was planning on having a sweetie table but i lost my job i cannot possibly afford to have one now. lol
  • love2sparklelove2sparkle Posts: 256
    MrsCoe2b you can still have little things you want you don't have to spend loads. I'm having my stationary made but me and my bridesmaids are gonna make the place name cards and menu cards ourselves to save a bit of money. I would attempt to make all the stationary but I'm making the cake, favours and all details for the reception so I had to draw the line somewhere.

    shimmena your sweetie table looks lovely, nice to see from all your planning you've had an idea for a business, good luck hope it goes really well xxx

  • shimmenashimmena Posts: 282

    That is very sad news I'm so sorry to hear you lost your job.

    I hope you can still have a sweetie table, when is your wedding, if I have any items left over after mine in Sept I'd be happy to send them your way for free. Where are you based?

    If you need any help planning I'll help too

    I really hope you have a wonderful wedding day x
  • MrsCoe2bMrsCoe2b Posts: 150
    love2sparkle I know thanku luckaly we have the money to pay for everything thats neccesary,sounds like u have everything well planned tho

    Aww Thank you that is very kind of u!

    Ours is on the 25th of September..But i have just spoken to my mum and theres a few people who are probably not coming so might have some extra money in the budget..

    Could u possibly email me how much u would charge to do a sweetie table? Then i can putt it past H2b I might even get him to do some overtime seeing as he is still working hehe image

    my email addy is

    [email protected]
  • hev1980hev1980 Posts: 146
    Hi Shimmena...

    you have mail.image
  • Aw that looks lovely, Where are u based?
  • shimmenashimmena Posts: 282
    Hi Maggie

    I'm based in St Albans, where is your wedding. MrsCoe2B we are date twins!

    I'm getting married on September 25th too!

    I hope you have a lovely day, I'm so glad your job situation isn't going to affect your day too much.

  • MrsCoe2bMrsCoe2b Posts: 150
    I am from watford! lol ooh shame u cant do a sweetie table because hubby said it wud be ok. image

    Thanks hun u too

  • hellomrshhellomrsh Posts: 38
    Wow the jars on your table are absolutely stunning! I'm not getting married until next August but am trying to source similar jars over time for our sweetie table. If you don't mind me asking where did you find them? x
  • Lloyd2be12Lloyd2be12 Posts: 64
    I love the little "love is sweet" lettering. Gorge image
  • awww the photos or beautiful! I ordered my sweetie cones the other day for our table, i cant wait!they are personalized with our names on and are covered in dolly mixtures, take a luck,

  • Nya_brideNya_bride Posts: 279
    Wow thats are very creative.

    Can i be cheeky and ask where that photo frame is from? its beautiful

  • hi huni im looking for a sweetie table and would be so gratefull if you would send me a quote it looks very lovely what you have done in your pic. x
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