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need help with booking chelsea tickets!!!

My mum is a massive chelsea fan but we live in west mids so she has not been for years. I'm planing on getting her tickets to a match and an pvernight stay but don't know how far way the hotel is from the ground etc or how easy it is to get to. The hotel i was thinking of is earls court but not sure if that will be of any use. HELP!!!


  • TheNewMrsFTheNewMrsF Posts: 628
    Hey, Not a chelsea fan but worth looking on their website at their ticket info. Just had a look for you but their tickets don't seem to be available yet.

    Just found this through their website though might be worth a look if your considering overnight stay aswell:

    Might be worth considering which match you would like to go to, if they are similar to Blackburn Rovers they will have classes for matches rating them A, B or C as matches such as Manchester United will be more expensive than matches against the likes of Blackpool who are newly promoted!

    Otherwise If you know anyone who has a season ticket at Chelsea they could get you the tickets that way and you arrange your overnight stay seperately.

  • thanks thats where i saw the combined ticket and stay and offer but was unsure about the hotel. Don't know if its best to stay near to the ground or in the city centre and be more central.
  • mrsballackmrsballack Posts: 198
    Earls court to Stamford Bridge is about 5 mins on the tube. You need Fulham broadway station. It costs about three pounds return on an Oyster card. You could walk it but it would take about 25 mins.

    If you need any more help on travelling in london or on Chelsea fc feel free to ask.
  • thankyou very much! so would you recommend staying in a hotel near to stamford bridge then? How far is that from the centre of london? Just thinking which will be easier for them. They are arriving in London on Saturday AM, going to the match, spending the night in london then returning back to the football ground for a tour on the sunday AM before returning home Sunday afternoon.
  • Cupcake4everUKCupcake4everUK Posts: 7,170
    h2b (a staunch Chelsea fan)says Earls Court is about 10-15 mins walk from the grounds (not far really eh?!) but there is also a Hotel at the ground itself!|6313|stamford%20bridge%20hotel||S|b|4905259213

    Hows about that?!

    Might be difficult getting a ticket for the game without being a they go on sale to members first...and then they're rolled out if they haven't all been sold.

    If you have any difficulty let us know!
  • Cupcake4everUKCupcake4everUK Posts: 7,170
    as an aside...h2b says that they are not selling any tickets just yet anyway...

    May go on sale from about keep checking!
  • thanks i was going to book through thomas cook they sell a ticket and accomodation package either for south stand or west stand but that means nothing to me other than a difference in price!
  • Cupcake4everUKCupcake4everUK Posts: 7,170
    h says the west stand is newer and more spacious...more money obviously. The south stand is behind the goal...and therefore not such a good view of the entire game.

    If you can afford it, go for the west stand.
  • oh thanks thats brilliant! I'll go for that. I've got the date sorted and the stand its just the hotel now- still cant decide whether to go for one near to the ground or the city centre! Thankyou both so much. My mom is going to be so thrilled.
  • TobeMrsBTobeMrsB Posts: 122
    I got my OH tickets for Man Utd on a hospitality day - maybe do that at Chelsea?? We got a meal etc then tickets to the game of choice.

    Harder to just get tickets without being members etc as they go on sale to them first then if any left will go on sale to the General Public so no guarentee to get a ticket that way
  • mrsballackmrsballack Posts: 198
    Chelsea do hospitality packages, we usually pay about 150 pounds for dinner and tickets, all drinks included. The hotel in the ground is very nice but it is expensive. I'd say it would depend on what else you want to do when you're in london. The bonus of earls court is that you have the picadilly line there as well as the district, giving you easy access to most touristy things in London.
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