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what you buying yours and grooms parents??

hi guys,

just wondering what everyone is buying your and your grooms parents as a thankyou on the big day got all the presents for bridesmaids etc but am struggling with what to buy the rents i suppose they have spent so much on us nothing will compare but just wanted to show our thanks and gratitude and didnt just want to buy flowers

any sugestions would really help

oh plus are you buying the ushers presents?xxxx


  • nickicovnickicov Posts: 491
    Mums got them the traditional flowers, my dad- engraved pen, grooms dad- engraved hipflask.

    only token gestures but hopefully its okay! xx
  • whistlemytunewhistlemytune Posts: 1,666
    We got our ushers these glasses from

    And I know someone who makes gorgeous personalised plaques (she's on Facebook -- Amy's Personalised Crafts), and so for our parents, we're getting some thank you plaques made. image
  • we have got our folks a photo frame that has our names n the wedding date engraved on it!cant wait 11 days to go!xx
  • i know 11 days arrrggghhhhh soooooo excited cant control it at all haha, thanks so much guysxxx
  • We did the same kittykat - silver engraved photo frames. I'll also have a photobook made up afterwards for each set of parents - i'm making my own from photobox - i made one for my freidn and they were lovely - only £24 all in!!!
  • My mum and H2Bs mums have got flowers and dad has got a decanter and glasses set from nambe!

    They've all got an IOU too for a copy of our wedding DVD and a parents photo album of our wedding photos.

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