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fake gerbera flowers

does anyone know where i can get some small (about 4" in diameter) brown gerbera fake flowers. i want them to top the cake boxes but can find them anywhere

thanks in advance


  • honeybeaukhoneybeauk Posts: 477
    not sure if they are in brown but ikea sell them.
  • oohsparklyoohsparkly Posts: 107
    i know a lady who can probably help you, she is doing my venue decoration and she also sells and dyes gerberas too. Let me know if you want her details. drop me an email and i'll pass your email address along to her. [email protected]
  • joeymusicjoeymusic Posts: 15
    thanks for reply my sister has found a mould for them at sugar craft and is going ot make them, she really is a star!
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