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Does anyone know/is anyone a hair and/or make up artist in Cheshire who's available to do my hair and/or make up on the 25th October?! I'm looking for someone who's reaosnably priced but can still make me look like a princess!


  • mum2onemum2one Posts: 737
    Where are you in Cheshire?
  • cazzaaacazzaaa Posts: 269
    Try Fiorucci in Alderley Edge, Caroline. 01625-586464

    She did my friend's wedding not long ago and was fab!! x
  • purpletulippurpletulip Posts: 679 New bride
    For hair I can recommend Pepita J in Cheadle, it's my usual hairdresser. I had mine done in a low side bun and he charged me £30. I did my own make up as I wasn't happy with a trial i'd had.
  • TheNewMrsNTheNewMrsN Posts: 70
    Lainey D she was amazing - doesnt do hair but make up was brilliant.

    [email protected]
  • SarahMor84SarahMor84 Posts: 1,493
    I have heard that Sarah Louise Elliott is good - recommended to me by a few brides on here. I have booked Richard Harvey. Both are possbibly on the higher scale - £125 for hair and make up.
  • I used for mine and she was great hun. Very reasonably priced as well. xx
  • **double post**
  • ohhhh i needed this information too. I've been looking on here and seen some really good things said about Lainey D so think im gonna give her a go.

    jeh2010 let us know how you get on.
  • jeh2010

    I've booked with Lainey D now and had my trial. She was amazing and so nice. She tried lots of different looks on me with lashes and without and then took it all off and then did the complete chosen look. Im so happy. I would defo give her a go.

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