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Where can i find a 1950's dress?

Hi ladies

I'm looking for a 1950's style or vintage 1950's dress - short length with the big skirt and slim fitting top image

Everywhere I look the dresses are very expensive - i only have a budget of £300 so definately can't afford a Candy Anthony or Fur Coat no Knickers dress although those are my dream dresses! any ideas?




  • jemwarriorjemwarrior Posts: 2,105

    I had mine made bespoke to my design and specifications by a wonderful dressmaker called Marilyn Hall who is based in Warwick. There are pics of my dress on my thread further down on this forum. I know Joanne Fleming in Brighton makes bespoke dresses and she is very reasonable as well.

    Try honeypie boutique they are very reasonable and do made to measure or standard size as well. The lady that runs it is fabulous and she always gets back to you promptly. Here is the link
  • I second the Joanne Fleming recommendation, she's doing my dress and it's amazing!

    Another option is Vivien of Holloway, they have some white/ivory dresses including one that's got a lace overlay which is specifically labeled as a wedding dress.
  • postscriptalexpostscriptalex Posts: 1,069

    thanks for the tips guys

    I just went on the Joanne Fleming website and it says dresses start from £800-£1000 *gulp*

    Loving the dresses on honeypie boutique just waiting to hear back from them about changing the back of a dress from corset style to button up.

    Saw your dress btw jemwarrior it was really lovely!

  • I was a bit put off by the prices on Jo's website but when I emailed her her prices for a short dress were a lot less. Mine is costing £450 for a knee lenght silk dress - a bit more than you originally stated but she might be able to do it for less if you don't want silk .
  • emsyjemsyj Posts: 3,807
    I had my dress made by Joanne Fleming and it was only £390 in silk - if you look at the 'real weddings' on her website I am Emma (Emma and Nick) and there are zillions of pictures of me on there lol! I expected it to cost more given that her website says 'from £800' but the 50s dresses are very simple to make and so they cost less than 'normal' bridal styles. I could have got it even cheaper if I'd chosen a cheaper fabric or had one of the styles she's made before, as she wouldn't have had to do a sketch or make a pattern/toile mock-up if she'd just made another one in a style she'd made before but sized to fit me.
  • mrs_M_2_bmrs_M_2_b Posts: 26
    Dolly Couture have some lovely dresses and they ship to the UK

    I'm thinking about getting a 50s dress by stop staring from Unique Vintage
  • postscriptalexpostscriptalex Posts: 1,069
    Thanks guys

    I'm going to try emailing joanne fleming see what sort of price she gives me image

    if not i will probably be going with the honeypie boutique - now i just gotta sell my origional dress so i can pay for one i actually want and fit!

  • MrsOlafMrsOlaf Posts: 50
    I can't recommend Honeypie boutique enough. The dress I got from there is beautiful.
  • I'm also thinking about going 1950s and stumbled across this site:

    Unlike many other sites I've found, she gives an indication of price around £410 for a silk dupion dress, £700 for duchess satin, which ain't bad for made to measure!
  • if you want a vintage dress sometimes have 1950s dresses on (usually quite small though) erm do a capy of the audrey hepburn funny face dress for about £150 i think and you get it made to measure image have 50's shape dresses but im not sure if they do white or ivory

    good luck

  • Have you had a look at the VoH dresses?
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