Mother of the Bride outfit needed

Hi all

Where is the best place to get resonibly priced but glamourous mother of the bride outfit?

Any ideas?



  • cazanncazann Posts: 832
    I found most MOB outfits to be both frumpy and over priced, simply because they were labelled as MOB outfits, so I switched to searching for occassion wear instead. I had budgeted £1,000 for my outfit, but found something just perfect in Debenhams and it only cost me £140 for a dress and bolero, so I'm double pleased with myself. I love it and so does my daughter.

    Just over two weeks to go and I'll be wearing it! image
  • martinej1martinej1 Posts: 688

    My mums outfit was by Michaela Louisa and she got it from a Mother of the Bride shop in Chelmsford.

    We found a lot of the MoB outfits to be very expensive and OTT, but this looked lovely and was under £300, which isn't too bad...

    She is considering selling if you are interested (size 14)

    email address is [email protected]

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