HELP - Essex Make Up Artist

Hi Ya - just had a call from my make up artist to tell me she's preggers and due on my wedding so has to cancel.

Still got a while to sort things out but want to make sure I get someone AMAZING (I need all the help I can get in the looks department! image )

Thanks all!


  • Hey there. I had my trial with Zena at The Boutique on Saturday.

    She was great. She uses all best quality products and really listened to what I wanted. I normally hate pictures of myself, but even the very quick reference snap she took looked great (for me!). She does hair and beauty treatments too if needed!

    Check out her website - lots of pics - see what you think.

    Jess xxx
  • PinkStaPrincessPinkStaPrincess Posts: 1,676
    I've filled out the contact form to see if I can get a trial at end of August.

    Thanks hun


  • drobinson1984drobinson1984 Posts: 1,071
    She's always really busy as she's so good, but give Kelly Hollands a try - I had my trial with her a couple of weeks ago and she is fab! You wouldn't be in the slightest bit disappointed!

    Good luck!

  • You're very welcome PinkStar! Good luck! xx
  • AmyEmilyCAmyEmilyC Posts: 426
    I think Juliet Cunnington covers essex - she is a very experienced bridal makeup artist
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