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So scared and upset...what do you think - is it possible?

I have just returned from having an early ultrasound (my doc thought i was 7 and half weeks) and as I had had some light bloody discharge he referred me for a scan just to make sure everything was ok.

We found out I was pregnant 3 weeks ago tomorrow. I have PCOS and my periods have a 34day cycle. The doctor performing the ultrasound asked when i had got the positive results as I am only showing to be 5 and half weeks so there is just the sac at the moment, no heartbeat or baby to see. She advised that with me having pcos we could be earlier than what we thought but also that there is the chance the baby has stopped growing at 5 and half weeks so i have to return next thursday for another scan.

I am devastated as I just cant stop thinking its not possible to get a positive pregnancy result after 2 weeks of being pregnant is there???

Any answers or advice would be great I have been sobbing ever since the U/S this morning x

Thanks ladies for all your replies. I should have added that I usually had a 34 day cycle BUT in the month of May my period came May 29th and then I didnt have another period untill July 12th...SO thats a 45day cycle and I am just clinging to that fact that maybe its because my cycle has been mucked up??! When I first found out I was pregnant I used the clearblue digital, it said PREGNANT 1-2. I know I shouldnt have but I bought another clearblue digital yesterday to see what it said and it said PREGNANT 3+. Do you think this is a good signas my HCG levels have obv gone up and today I felt really really sick and my boobs have still been sore and still tired...?? I know its hard to say but I am trying to stay positive Any comments would be appreciated x


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