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Wedding Dress Shopping Fear!

Feel silly writing this as I know I should be really excited, but I've booked to try wedding dressed in a couple of weeks and I'm dreading it.

I'm currently trying to lose weight, I have about 4 stone to lose so it's not going to be an overnight change!

All the wedding dress samples are tiny sizes, my 2bm's and mum are coming who are all size 10/12 and I just feel light a monster compared to them.

I really dont want to go, but can put it off much longer. It's really getting me down, I dont know what to do?

Dont know what you can suggest but feels a bit better admitting it to someone.

I'm oing the cambridge diet, and lost weight quickly at first, but my holiday interupted it and the more I panick the harder I find the diet to stick to!


  • Really, don't panic! I had the same feeling when I went but as soon as I got there, the assistant made me feel so much more relaxed!

    Im far from small but she asssured me I could try any of the dresses on. The one I picked was about 3 sizes too small but she put a panel in across the back and tied up the corset back so it looked just fine! It is amazing what they can do!

    Just go on in there, make the most of the shopping time with mum and the girls and enjoy this part of the wedding planning!
  • Thanks MrsBrowntobe, I had tried on a couple of dresses when my bridesmaids got their dresses and it was an awful experiance so it's made me panic even more! None of the dresses fitted and she just ties up the back as best she could. you could see how far apart the back was and my underwear it was really embarresing.

    Shopping is booked for 2nd Oct so I'll let you now how I gt on.

    thanks x
  • Oh no! I think that's a bad reflection on the shop you visited!I think that some shops don't seem to be interested in looking after us 'bigger brides' but some are lovely!

    Maybe it's worth asking before you go (over the telephone if you're embarassed) what they do for brides like yourself (and me) so you know beforehand if they provide a 'modesty panel'. You could see how far apart the back was when I tried mine but it really wasn't bad as there was no flesh/underwear on show.

    Though it did give me an incentive for my diet-I have a photo of me in it on my mobile so if I need a kick in the bum when I consider being naughty I look at it and think - mine is gonna meet perfectly at the back with no panel and I will look great!!

    Good luck, I will look out for your update when you've been xxx

  • Whereabouts in the country do you live? There are a lot of shops that specialise in larger sized dresses. I went to a shop called the big day in Castleford and they only have samples in sizes 16-32. I am a 16-18 and I tried on 15 dresses, most of which were too big, which was a fantastic feeling! It was definatley worth the hours drive to get there!
  • I had the same fears, However all the dresses in the shops i tried on were miles too big and had to be clamped into them. Don't worry about it, this is one of the funnest bits!!!!
  • I'm dreading dress shopping too! I've been engaged for nearly a year now and still haven't ventured anywhere near a dress shop!
  • I had a similar experience. I have a size 8 bridesmaid who fitted in the first dress she tried on and looked fab.

    I decided I wanted to loose some weight before I bought my dress but just found that it put a massive amount of pressure on and I was getting really upset about the weight not shifting. In the end I booked an appointment for just me and my mum. We bought a beautiful dress which has provided me with the motivation to stick to the diet but without having the presure of feeling like need to loose weight.

    Since I stopped fretting about it I've lost a stone!!... just another 2 to go. I'm feeling so much more possitive and looking forward to showing off how much I'll (hopefully) have lost when I go for my fitting 5 months time!

    Buying your dress should be a happy occasion and not something that you dread. I found that just going with my mum and not telling anyone (even after had bought the dress!) made things much easier. Do what feels right for you and enjoy it image Like other peeps have said the ladies in the shops are fantastic and are great at making you feel special.

    Sorry if I've rambled a bit!

    tink x
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