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Wedding band - DeVille

We have just booked a band from Ayr called DeVille, just wondered if anyone has seen them play before?? Also they finish their set at 12pm but reception goes on until 1pm. Any ideas what to do for the last hour???



  • Hi, We have also booked Deville as our wedding band, though not heard them play yet, so will be interested to see what is said in this thred, our reception doesn't finish till 1 aswell and the boys are finishing up at midnight and then doing the last hour dj style, it did cost us extra but was worth having summat for the last hour.xx
  • kmcewankmcewan Posts: 41

    It's good to hear someone else has booked them, they seem excellent on their website, if you don't mind me asking how much were the for the extra hour??

    Hopefully we will get someone who has seen them, always better to get other peoples opinions...
  • Hi, sorry I haven't got back to you sooner work has been hectic just now!! of course I don't mind you asking, it was either £100 or £120 for the extra hour I didn't mind paying it as it meant that we had some form of entertainment for the last hour.

    I know what you mean about them sounding brill on their website and it would be good to hear if somone else has heard them. image
  • Deville played at my wedding in July - they were awesome!!

    Honestly, they are just as good in 'real life' as they sound on the website - got everyone up dancing - played all the right kinda stuff, just fantastic. My reception finished up at midnight so not sure what you could do for the other hour mind you......anyhoo, you'll be glad you went with them! enjoy!
  • kmcewankmcewan Posts: 41
    Moodymoo78, thanks for your reply it's good to hear from someone who had them for their wedding,I am glad we went with them even though we have to pay a bit more for them to play in Aberdeen, I amsure they will be worth it. image
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