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October weightloss target anyone?

I am starting Slimmers World today. Loads to lose, so going to set myself a target of 1 stone this month.

Anyone want to join me?

03.10.2010 - initial weigh in. Loss to date - 0lbs


  • Hi JLK, may I join?!

    I am (re)starting being healthy & exercising this week after finishing thesis off in september and binge-eating and returning from 2 week hols where beer was enjoyed everyday! I am 5 foot 2 and the 'curviest' I have ever been...

    My weight this morning was 65.7kg (10 stone 5) and my weight loss target for this month is 6lbs (2.7kgs).

    v&t xx
  • Hi, I would like to join as well. I have been trying to slim since getting engaged and have lost 1 stone so far. However, have been away on holiday and have been finding it really hard to get back into it. Weighed myself for the first time in about a month as was dreading the result and have put on 3lbs so it could have been much worse.

    I want to lose 1 stone before Christmas so would like to lose 7lbs in October.

    I have been following the Dukan diet but when I find that too restrictive, I go onto Slimming World. I really want to lose another stone before my dress comes into the shop after Christmas as I ordered 1 size smaller than the shop recommended and now am panicking that the dress won't fit!

    Weigh in this morning: 10st4

    Target for October: 7lb

    I plan to weigh and measure myself weekly as I find that losing inches keeps me motivated, particularly when the scales plateau. Good luck ladies and I look forward to hearing how you are all getting on.
  • kalodokalodo Posts: 67
    Hi Jayellekay, I would like to join you. I already posted on this forum about having my first dress fitting next month (19th Nov) and wanting to go from 10st 11lb down to 10st 0lb (starting weight in Jan was 12st 4lb). Weirdly over this weekend I've already lost a couple of pounds and so I'm now 10st 9lb.

    My target for this month is 10st 2lb, so that's another 7lb. I've been eating well and exercising (swimming, cycling, aquatone) for months but allowed myself a few "treats" over the last few weeks so my weightloss has ground to a halt. So I have to be extra good!

    Had my swim and some porridge this morning so off to a good start. Best of luck ladies! x
  • Weigh in week 1 -3lbs!

    Happy with that. First week on Slimmers World, but haven't been able to exercise at all as I'm injured.

    So overall happy with week 1. Onto the next! 11lbs left to October target, 21 days to go......

    How's everyone else doing?
  • Well done Jayellekay, 3lbs is a good solid start. I always think if you get off to a good start, it makes it easier to stay motivated and stick to the diet. I was out over the weekend so really wasn't as good as I should have been so going to be really strict to help me get on track and hopefully get a weightloss come Friday.
  • Well I didn't weigh in yesterday but did this morning and weighed in at 65.1kg which is 10 stone 3.2lbs, a loss of just less than 2 lbsm which I am quite chuffed with, especially as I have only changed from not snacking at the mo rather than being strict!

    Annoyingly I've left my trainers at the OH's house at the weekend (we don't live together at the mo - jobs in different cities) so I'm gonna do walking to work (2 miles all up hill!!!) and maybe try a few swims at the gym.

    Hope you're all well xxx
  • kalodokalodo Posts: 67
    Well done Jayellekay and Miss Vodkatonic! That's a great start to the month. I've just been booked in for TWO pub meals this week with H2B's friends, eek! Apart from that I've stuck exactly to the diet so I hope it won't derail me too much...

    I've been cycling in the evenings over the summer which really helped with the weight loss but with the evenings getting darker I thought I'd try something else, there's a place not far from us that does circuit training and body pump classes so I thought it would be worth a try, does anyone else do classes and what would you recommend?

    Will do my weekly weigh-in on Friday xxx
  • kalodokalodo Posts: 67
    Okay so week 1 weigh in and I've lost nothing image Oh well. I knew it was gonna be hard with a couple of nights out, plus I've gotten a cold so have avoided the pool for a few days.

    Next week I really need to step it up! How is everyone else getting on? xxx
  • Well done Kalodo. If you're sick its easy to put on weight, so staying the same is a result, just try not to get frustrated with it.

    I am starting power plate classes end of next fingers crossed I start to see results. Its the only way I'm going to stay motivated!
  • kalodokalodo Posts: 67
    Thanks Jayellekay, am feeling a bit disappointed with the false start but it has given me a good kick. I'm going to the gym later to check it out and book myself in for a few classes (thinking zumba, body pump and spinning). Let me know how you get on with the power plate!

    Just off to the venue for a wedding fair (need to check out a few suppliers) so hopefully that'll help me focus on the end-goal!

  • Second weigh in

    17.10.2010 - 2nd weigh in. This week -2lbs.

    Loss to date - 5lbs

    Slow but steady!
  • kalodokalodo Posts: 67
    Jayellekay that's fantastic! And for a slow-and-steady that's a great result in two weeks.

    I'm with you on the slow and steady method. It's taken me 6 months to shift a stone and a half but I reckon there's a much better chance of keeping it off this way!

    How are the other ladies getting on? xxx
  • Hey,

    JLK well done on your steady loss! Must be feeling good?

    And commiserations kalodo, but at least it's not a gain!

    I had a 0.2kg gain this week. Not too surprised as my weekend was rather indulgent - far too much red wine on Saturday nite, so much so that myself and OH fell asleep on the sofa until 1-30am which I have no memory of! Got my trainers back so gonna go gym this evenings.

    Hope you're both well
  • kalodokalodo Posts: 67
    0.2kg is nothing to be ashamed of, especially after losing 2lbs last week Miss V&T! plus I think its important to have the odd indulgence, otherwise I know I'd fall off the wagon altogether...

    Am feeling a lot more sprightly and motivated after shifting this cold so am hopeful for Friday weigh in, I think my monthly target is looking a little shaky though!

  • Good morning ladies.

    My weigh-in this morning was 64.6kg (start weight of 65.7 at beginning of October) although I weighed in at 65.3 last week, so that's a 1.5 pound loss, not bad. But had a good (ish) weekend food-wise. Had chocolate on sat nite and some crisps yesterday - no exercise but.....

    And I FINALLY dragged myself to the gym this morning - killer. 5 min warm-up jog. Did 15 mins weights and 10 min run/jog, 10 min x-train, 5 min row and 5 min jog. Then did my uphill 2 mile walk to work!

    How is everyone else getting on?

    Miss v&t xxx
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