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Ella 5483 whats your thoughts on this dress??

hi I've orgered my dress Ella 5483. what do you think? honest opinions please!!


  • MrsDMDaviesMrsDMDavies Posts: 1,794 New bride
    Is this it?

    It's lovely, I love the detail at the top.

  • yes!!!! I didnt know how to put pics on!! Im really nervous about it cos Im a bit of a plain jane.
  • That is a stunning dress. Not over the top but not plain with no detail either - I love it!!
  • Very pretty, I like the detailing on the top too, very striking but without being over the top. I am sue it will look fab image
  • Debbie_85Debbie_85 Posts: 571
    It's beautiful. The scalloped neck line is similar to my own dress. You'll be gorgeous.

  • Gorgeous! I love the shape, but also the top is a little bit different, without bein too different, if you know what I mean? Not wording that very well, am i?! Basically, I mean it's a fab choice and you'll look stunning!xx
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