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should i be embarrased about my flower budget???

Iv budgeted £500 for my flowers and im worried that the florists will wonder what on earth i think i will get for that price! i need church flowers, my bouquet, 3 bm bouquets, 6 button holes, and centre pieces for 7 tables image i want the centre peices to look more flowery and not too much "greenery" if that makes sense!! what do you think girls? am i living in cookoo land!!! image


  • Not at all! Explain your budget to your florist and they should be able to do your flowers to your budget. It may mean using flowers that are more in season etc but still, you should have beautiful flowers and at a bargain price!

    (my budget is less than £200, but then we're not having table centres!)
  • Nah mines £600 and I'm having the same as you but with 5 Bms!!!!

    I asked for seasonal flowers and am having arrangements that can be moved from ceremony to reception venue. That helps keep prices down a bit.
  • Phew! Thanks girls! I feel more confident about it now! Iv got bit of a silly question, what flowers to people usually have at church and where do they get put at the reception venue? image
  • No way, a good florist can do alot for that price! Mine is also £500 and I am getting a dramatic trailing bouquet, 2 smaller hand tied bridesmaid bouquets, 4 button holes, 2 corsages, an alter display to leave behind for the church, a full floral arch which will be taken down after the ceramony to be used to do a top table display and to decorate fireplaces etc in the reception room, hire of topary trees with some of the flowers on them for outside the church and hire of 4 candleabra with flowers on them.

    I do love greenery and have asked for alot to be used so that is perhaps why I can get so much but tbh I was prepared to spend alot more to get all that done, £500 was the budget the florist actually suggested to me after I told him my requirements.
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Some churches like you to leave alter flowers, so some churches can do the church flowers cheaper than florist to tie in with other flowers. But £500 is plenty
  • cat89ukcat89uk Posts: 952
    My flowers are costing me under £400! a friends is doing them for me, she is doing my bouquet, 30 roses for £65, 15 pew ends for £150, 4 bm flowers £15 each and other stuff

    julia where abouts are you if you want i can give you details?
  • I had originally budget for about 700-1000 for the flowers and told by everyone that wouldn't be enough. Went to a wedding fayre and the first florist I came to (from a posh, very affluent town with a nice prime location high street shop etc etc) was looking at a basic package of £1000. However in the corner of the room tucked away were two young girls who had really nice displays and are based a little out of town and they do various packages with the cheapest starting at just £275 covering everything - the most expensive package was coming up to £1000 but when we told her what we liked we fitted in the middle package which is going to cost something aroud £350 - my rambling point is shop around and you will find someone who will more than fulfill your brief to that budget! xx
  • LMAO!!! Mine is £100 honey! LOL! All I'm needing is 40 gerberas, some Ivy and 2 £25 bouquets for my mum and my aunt in law (my H2B's mum passed away ten years ago). I made my own crystal bouquets for myself and my BM's and my top table flowers were included in my price.

    So please don't be worried. xx
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    I'm VERY lucky that a friend is doing all my flowers as a wedding present. I'm paying 75 quid for just buttonholes and corsages and some flowers to go in teacups at the receprion. That's it. We don't have any more money anyway
  • Ours are only costing £350! It really depends what type of flowers you are having and how big you want the centre pieces as they can get quite pricey! But then you can cut back on BM bouquets if you want and just get them wrist corsages or just single flower bouquets. Theres so much choice!
  • So true snowbride! All the other florists I talked to in Belfast were going to do less for more money and they didn't seem to be half the florist that my guy is!

    Overall in my experience of wedding vendors in Belfast there seems to be a certain threshold which you have to spend to get good quality goods but over that threshold the price in no way corresponds to the quality of the goods or service. There was an awful lot of people doing what I considered to be a substandard job at the highest price possible.
  • how much is everyone paying for their bouquet? i just got a rpice for 15 rose bouquet for £50. i think thats a lot. its 15 flowers and some leaves!
  • you should speak to the church as a lot do there own flowers and just ask for a small donation ,my friend got married last year and when they went to the church the night before the wedding the church was full off lush flowers cos was a wedding there that day so its always a good idea to speak to them first x
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    I decided i didn't want to spend a fortune on flowers out of principle

    I ended up doing non floral decorations for the venue which everybody commented on how lovely they looked and i had 13 real button holes and my 3 rose bouquet, brought the bridesmaids artificial flowers and for the whole lots only spent £360 plus had all the vases and twig lights to sell after to make some money back

    £80 flower bill

    £200 for table decorations

    £80 for BM's bouquets

    Let me know if you want ill show you some pictures but it looked far from cheap. where there is a will there is a way.
  • I'm decorating the reception marquee with flowers from the garden. I'm buying tesco finest roses to make myself a bouquet (bunch!), bridesmaids will carry one single stem each, two heads for buttonholes for groom and best man. I guess about £15-£20.

    Waste not, want not.

    My whole wedding budget is £1,700.
  • I had no idea about flowers and their costs until we went to see our florist last week. We are having...

    1 brides bouquet

    6 bridesmaids bouquets

    Wand for flower girl

    2 Coursages for MOB and MIL

    2 smaller coursages for aunty and Grandma

    7 button holes for men

    8 centre peices including mirrors, vases and tea lights

    1 large centrepeice for top table

    Petals to be sprinkled on tables

    Post box for cards etc

    Flowers to go on top of cake

    Total price for all of that 780pounds. I think for all of that, including all of the hours she is going to have to put in arranging all of the flowers plus setting it all up on the morning of the wedding, its a fairly reasonable price???

    What do u think? xx
  • Hi, mine is £850 in London (so take a couple of hundred off for anywhere outside) and I have:

    Bridal Bouquet

    2 x Bridesmaid Bouquets

    2 x Flower Girl Wands

    2 x Corsages for Mothers

    11 x Button holes

    18 x table centers

    10 x church pew ends

    Flowers for Cheese Cake

  • You should never be embarrassed by your budget...a good florist can accomodate all kinds of budgets. We paid £470 for our church flowers...which included 2 tall vases either side of the altar and a large long and low altar arrangement. Flowers included delphiniums, roses, white hydrangeas, stocks, lisianthus, peonies and various foliage (in ivory and greens). These were transported to our hotel reception in the evening...and were placed in the drinks reception area. The hotel package that we had included table flower we didn't need to bother with these.

    The bride who got married at the church after us on the same day paid for the pew ends and decorated bay trees at the entrance..these cost up to 500 again.

    Bouquets (for myself, two adult BMs and a little one), buttonholes (for groom, best man, 2 ushers and 2 pages), corsages for the 2 mothers, 100 cream avalanche roses (for the cake)and re-location of the church flowers to the reception brought the total price to 1069.

    I have no problems with principles...the flowers were beautiful and are captured in our photographs which will be around for a long time...and we transferred the altar flowers to hubs fathers grave after the wedding. They looked amazing...and were worth every penny....and we could afford them. Why should I feel guilty? We both work hard for my money..and they were important to us!

    Re the venue table decorations (which were paid for separately as part of the venue package) - quite a few of our guests were encouraged to take some home with them...and happily did they were able to enjoy them for a week or so after the event.
  • I budgeted £600 and was worried it wouldn't be enough but you can save money by altering the style of the arrangements as well as the flowers you use. I'm having:

    My bouquet

    1 BM bouquet

    2 flowergirl baskets

    10 buttonholes/corsages

    10 pew ends

    2 pedastal arrangements

    1 top table arrangements

    8 centrepieces

    foliage garland for fireplace

    It came in at £620 but will be less than that now because I have changed my mind and no longer want a shower bouquet. That was priced at £120-150! Centrepeices are tall vases with roses and bear grass. Shower bouquets are more expensive because they are wired.

    I'm leaving my flowers at the church because I think it's nice to leave them as a sort of offering, but that's personal choice. For pew ends you could have big organza bows instead of flowers, still looks really good and should be cheaper.

    I think florists get a bit of a disservice sometimes, when you think they can only feasibly do one wedding a day, they have to get up very early to make the arranagements and then get them delivered and set up sometimes delivering to 3 different locations.

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