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Evening Reception

I was just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on this. I am getting married at 2pm...what time do you think our evening recption would start? x


  • i would like 7 for first dance at 7.30 but think we are having a band so might have to push that back to give them time to set up.
  • We're having a DJ but I was thinking 7.30pm should be a good time. Hopefully the ceremony will take 30-45 minutes (we'll have to include plenty of readings as it's a civil ceremony), an hour and a half for drinks and photos then 3 hours for the meal and speeches. What do you think? x
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Ours is 7pm, but first dance not til 8.30 I think though might bring it forward to 8pm
  • Our evening reception starts at 6.30pm - but we're saving speeches, cake and toasts for the evening and it's a very small number of people at the ceremony (so less time on photos etc).

    Oh, and we get married at 2pm as well.
  • We're aiming for first dance at 7.30pm. Getting quite stressed thinking about the timings as we are having a civil ceremony and then a church blessing in the estate church but I only thought the other day that it is probably going to take about 30 minutes to move all 100 guests from the ballroom to the church - that's 30 minutes I hadn't originally budgeted for!!
  • NavyNezNavyNez Posts: 370
    We're having a 1.30pm ceremony and have invited evening guests to arrive at 8pm. I was thinking of inviting them for 7.30pm, but worried that the speeches will run over and they'll be left looking like a spare part!!
  • We are getting married at 2pm ... our whole day is at the same venue, so no travelling about.

    Evening do will begin at 7pm, as I want the evening guests to be there for a good chunk of our special day too.

    Thinking of cutting cake and first dance being between 7.30 and 8pm.

    We are having our speeches before the meal, so as long as they dont over run, and there is no delays then all should kinda tick along to plan xxx
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