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How small is 'small' (number of guests)


How many guests are you having/or have you had for your overseas wedding?

Our already 'small' wedding - is getting even smaller by the second and I am starting to feel abit worried :S


  • jentigerjentiger Posts: 276
    we have 11 guests which i think is amazing as we are getting married in Mauritius

    To be honest with you, it was our decision to get married abroad and never expected anyone to pay to come so anyone who books i am so grateful for.
  • vcb1981vcb1981 Posts: 645
    We invited 24 people to our vegas wedding and had 12 actually come. Ont he day it was a perfect number and we were so gratful for people making the effort to come out.

    Even if you had say 6 people, you would have a fab time, dont worry image
  • I'm a wedding co-ordinator/planner and have done weddings overseas for just the bride and groom, just the bride and groom and their 2 children, and of course, many small groups of friends and families.

    As long as you and your H2B are happy and the wedding is what you want just enjoy it. You don't need lots of witnesses to make your day special.

    Hope this helps,

    R xx
  • We had six guests to our NY wedding and had a fantastic time.
  • Like the others, we had a small wedding. Inc myself & Hubs there were 13 of us & we had a fab time. I think it makes it more intimate & it just proves who you can rely on to be really good family & friends. image
  • Thank you, that really helps. I think I'm being a bit over anxious thats all. image
  • There was 9 of us in Mauritius and it was perfect image
  • Just enjoy the freedom of not having to please lots of people and 'feel responsible' for them while they are on their holiday. I love small weddings - they are so personal and always make me cry! image

  • vcb1981vcb1981 Posts: 645
    we loved having the small wedding. It meant we didnt spend all day going from guest to guest. We spent time together in 1 big group and everyone got on so well. It makes me smile now thinking how nice it felt, sitting with everyone, talking image
  • There were 9 of us in total for our wedding in Italy and it was such a special day xx
  • we got married in the seychelles and they was only 3 guest and our 3 kiddies,was perfect
  • we have intvited 25 but only expect 6 or 7 to go. Tbh i would still be totally happy if it was only me and my OH.
  • It will be just me and OH as my bridesmaid who was meant to be coming (had put down deposit etc and I'd bought the dress) has backed out at the last minute (we're getting married at the beginning of April). I was a bit worried at first, but have been assured that there will be people there to help me get into my dress etc, and we will hopefully make friends with other couples who are in the same boat, and be able to be each other's witnesses. We are having a party when we come back for 40 people, so my friends and family will still get to see the dress etc.
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