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Hi there

I thought I would start this thread as I found out we're expecting on New Year's Day - EDD is 9th Sept and can't quite believe it.

My first time so it would be lovely to compare notes with other mum-to-be's at the same stage. No sickness yet, but headaches, sore throat and a bit of spotting image

Trying to be positive but that 12 weeks seems sooo long away!

Only just got married (last week) and was hoping to wean myself off this site - ah well image


  • rt3110rt3110 Posts: 118
    Hi Mistyscott congrats,

    i got my bfp christmas eve havent seen a doctor yet but i think by my dates i'm due 3rd/4th sept

    its my first time too and havent had any symptoms yet so am a little nervous but my best friend is 26 weeks and said she didnt get sickness till week 6 or 7 (not that i want to get sick but everythings a worry isnt it!!)

    i'll be 6 weeks tomorrow i think but am seeing the doc on thurs, i hope he doesnt say i'm further behind i'm excited about being half way through 12weeks!!

    wow congrats on wedding as well what a lovely honeymoon present!!!


  • JM83JM83 Posts: 32
    Hi Girls. I am actually due in July so a wee bit ahead of you but know exactly what you are going through so thought I would say hi! I had my scan this morning at 12 weeks and 3 days and was the most amazing thing to see our little baby moving and heart beating! It has not been an easy ride with severe nausea and fatigue from about week 8 and lots of anxieties about making it to week 12 but I am starting to feel more human now and seeing our little baby today made it all worthwhile! Good luck to both of you for the next few weeks. xx
  • I used this site a lot when I was getting married, then I've been 'lurking' in the baby section for just before we started trying and then of course to scour the site for any potential symptoms that might match mine!

    Well anyway we started trying in december, and feel v blessed to be able to say we got lucky and hit the BFP first time! Yippee!

    Was a bit worried about the whole 'not drinking' over Xmas, so am v glad to say it was all worth it! Got back from the family yest, did the test, expected it to be neg and it wasn't!

    Got a few symptoms, mostly larger more painful boobs and ever so slight nausea- although that could be down to Xmas eating! Haha!

    My EDD is 13th sept and I'm seeing the midwife on thurs. Have to say the doctor's receptionist wasn't v helpful- she said I could see either the doctor or mw but didn't really tell me which was better or recommended. I opted for the mw as thought better to see someone that does it everyday as I have no medical probs or family history of problems

    It's all v exciting!! I might try and stay off here as much as possible as i want to try and not really get too excited until the 12 week all clear! Easier said than done as I'm ready to burst already with excitement!

    Looking forward to sharing our experiences with you all as the time progresses! image
  • Ps- congrats to the other posters!

    Pps- I re-registered as a newbie, just in case any of my engaged friends spot me!! image

    Ppps- mistyscott is a sore throat a symptom? I put it down to all the bugs going around?!

    Pppps- is anyone still cramping? I've had mild cramps since new years eve, tested positive yesterday... Think it's normal?

    Edited with all my other questions and comments, I really am v excitable!!
  • yey - lots of sept 11 babies!!

    Mrs M 2009 - congrats on getting your BFP so soon, we weren't even technically TTC yet...

    sore throat is kind of an indirect symptom - immune system basically takes a holiday when you fall pregnant to stop your body rejecting the baby until the placenta is up and running to do that, so bingo you fall ill to everything going around image

    and yes, I'm still cramping a bit - but trying to stay positive and not think about it too much (forum isn't helping with that image ) Roll on 12 weeks!
  • Can't believe you only got married last week! Did you have a lovely day?!

    Must try not to read everything and anything about pregnancy and signs and just stay positive and healthy for the next 12 weeks!

    I'm trying not to refer to it as a 'baby' just yet - just an embryo or ball of cells. Hubby is convinced we'll go to see the midwife and she'll tell us we are stupid and have been mistaken... But there really was no mistaking that big blue cross in the test! image

    Are you taking your shiny new hubby to your first appointment?
  • we did have a lovely fantastic day thanku image

    We're calling it our poppy seed for now (the heart is the size of a poppy seed when it forms next week) and similarly trying to stay positive and healthy.

    Gonna try to take the shiny new hubby (!) to the booking appt in two weeks - I'm also a bit worried the midwife will tell me its all a mistake! But hubby says you can't imagine TWO positive tests imageimage

    We're going to be mummies!! xx
  • I'm really worried that I'm going too early to my first appointment -I called the docs and said I'm preg and asked if i should see a doctor. She didn't mention anything about dates and leaving it until a certain time frame.

    Hope we don't excitedly turn up tomorrow and get told to come back at a later date! Am thinking of doing another test before, just to be sure! Got a spare one so might as well!

    I ended up eating my lunch at 1145 this morning, was feeling quite sick. Not sure if that is just hunger pangs or whether it is related to my little bag of cells growing inside me!

    Mummies- eek! That sounds so weird! Weird but lovely!! image
  • rt3110rt3110 Posts: 118
    hi ladies,

    yes i'm still cramping but only now and then and not that strong!! my docs receptionist wasnt helpful either!! but i've just registered at a closer docs and have an app tomorrow, the first app they usually just say congrats tell you to take folic acid and book our booking in meeting with midwife which is a longer app where they ask family history etc.

    we call ours the lentil as i'm 6 weeks and thats the size at the moment!!! (i'm glad we're not the only crazy ones!!)

    still no symptoms for me a little queasy but nothing to speak of really scary keep thinking it cant be true! i'm glad i'm not the only one i just hope i've got the dates right and i'm not further behind than i thought (that happened to a friend and she felt like she was set back a week and a half) i've been desperate just to get to 6 weeks, halfway though first trimester! next goal 8 weeks

    ahh mummies!!!

    i've wanted this for ages but now it doesnt feel real!!

    hope your app is good tomorrow we can compare notes!! although i dont think mine will do anything other than book me to see midwife!!

  • dani7919dani7919 Posts: 213
    Congratulations everyone. I've just found out I'm pregnant too but unfortunately I've no idea when I'm due! I think I'm maybe 6 weeks pregnant.

    I just hope I'm due after the 25th July because I'll be entitled to enhanced maternity pay then!
  • Had my appointment yesterday, it really was no more than an appointment to book me in for my next appointment! Makes me wonder why they couldn't have just done that over the phone and saved all the bother! Oh well, the mw was really nice so hopefully will have more appointments with her in the future.

    Im 5 weeks today, was surprised that they didn't take into account my cycle length. She said my scan would be at around 11 weeks so only 6 weeks left! Hopefully that will fly!
  • I think that's why they booked me straight into the midwife and 'booking in' appt over the phone...pleased about it now.

    I'm 5 weeks today too - we're on the same timeframe it seems mrs m 2009! Until the dating scan which could change things...although I'm pretty sure about my dates image

    Started to relax a bit more about the whole thing - although my boobs are growing and a bit sore, and still getting twinges 'down there' but just growing pains I think (hope)

    It'll fly by til 12 weeks image
  • Lucky you that your docs have the sense to just book you in for your booking in appointment. My appointment was at 3:30 and hubby came along. When we both work 9-5 jobs it makes it harder to conceal. The only good thing was that I met the midwife who will be taking care of all my antenatal care and visit me after the birth, she seemed really nice so at least I now know who I will see.

    Apart from the whole not drinking over Xmas it's quite a handy time to be pregnant, as at least you can just pretend you are having a 'dry' January rather than all your friends wondering why you are suddenly abstaining from your usual glass of vino at dinner! Then we just have to survive a few weeks of excuses in feb until it's hopefully plain sailing! image

    Yay! A baby buddy! How exciting! Although I really have to stop getting myself all excited! So much could happen in the next 7+ weeks... The trouble is even hubby is getting excited which makes me more excited- we keep nudging each other and telling eachother we're having a baby! As a little joke I refer to me as 'we' now too! Aaargh, gotta calm down but it's so tough! We are going to be mummies!!!!!!
  • ms34ms34 Posts: 37
    Hi Ladies

    I am new to this site so have no idea what all the abbreviations stand for but here goes!!

    We have been trying for a while and finally did a test last monday -(had to do three to be sure as i wasnt sure it was def a cross!!!!!!) I work out that i am prob 6 weeks now - so due 2/9?

    Had my first docs appointment yesterday - well that was a surprise i thought it would just be to register etc but she did all sorts of tests and asked loads of questions. I dont really get what happens now - we are having scans at UCL, Nucal etc i think but are these the scans you have at 11 weeks? also when do you see the mw?

    Ah did i mention i am a first time mummie with loadssssss of questions???? help!

    love to all mummies to be xxx
  • Welcome to the 'club' ms34! I think everyone's doctors seem to be different - so it's difficult to say what will happen next!

    You defo have a scan at around 11/12 weeks but who knows what will happen next? Maybe call your docs and ask them?

    How is pregnancy for you so far? Many symptoms?
  • Hi everyone,

    I got my BFP last tuesday image have since done 2 more clearblue digital tests just to confirm i'm not making it up! hahaha both came back PREGNANT woohoo! image

    We got married on 18th December and started trying then so happened straight away for us too, thought it would take a few months so it was a bit of a shock.

    Based on online due date calculators they've said it would be the 12th September, but obviously midwife will tell me more when i have my first scan.

    I'm totally full of cold so feel like crap at the mo, and hubby is in the army so he's gone back now after christmas break, feeling a bit sorry for myself image

    Congrats everyone! xxx
  • Congrats Mrs Morton! Lovely honeymoon surprise. For us, in the end we didn't even wait until we got married (unintentionally!)

    i'm due on the 9th, but trying not to get carried away until these blasted first 12 weeks are through...

    Seeing the midwife next week so that should help it all feel more real - I keep reading about missed miscarriages on another forum, and panicking myself now so trying not to read anymore. My symptoms only seem to be tender boobs and a bit moody so far...I almost want the sickness/tiredness so I know the poppy seed is there!

    Remind me of that when I'm complaining... image
  • Hey ladies.

    Well I got my BFP this morning and after working out my dates, I'm due 14th Sept all being well

    This is my second pregnancy for my first baby. Am feeling excited but a little nervous too as we've been trying a long long time.

    Not sure when to book with midwife as bit worried about rushing things.

    Planning to tell boss this week but leaving it a little before telling anyone else. Can't wait to tell one of my sisters as she's having her baby in may.


  • laineeblaineeb Posts: 65
    Hi Ladies,

    Congratulations to you all! I got married July 2010 and have been trying since about August. On Tuesday I finally got the positive result I've been hoping for. Working out the dates myself, I'm due on 15th September. I'm so happy but anxious at the same time. Don't want to get too over excited just in case!!! I saw the doctor on Friday and he simply just said congrats, remember to take your folic acid then he came at me with a needle and gave the flu jag, lol. I have a midwife appointment on Tuesday and the receptionist said i'll be mainly filling out forms and just having a chat.

    I've been feeling quite crampy, tired and have very sore boobs. No sickness as yet.

    Just thought I'd say hi as I used this site when I was planning my wedding and I found the advice given invaluble so I thought it would be nice to have the same support planning my baby.

    Hope you are all well,

    E x
  • Wow, seems September will be a busy month (fingers crossed).

    Feeling quite crampy today but I'm also feeling very bloated. Trying hard not to think about it too much or to worry, but its so hard isn't it??

    Had a little nap earlier as I didn't sleep till late last night and woke up at 7am to test and was feeling really sleepy. I feel worse for sleeping as I now feel quite irritable!!

    On a plus note, hubby has made a fantastic roast lamb which I cant wait to eat image
  • Congrats Daisyb76 and laineeb!

    I went to the docs on Friday and they were surprised i knew i was pregnant this early! lol but just gave me a healthy eating pamphlet, advise that i take up swimming (as i'm overweight)and told me to take folic acid. As i'm full of cold they're waiting a couple of weeks to give me the flu jab.

    Did any of you know you were pregnant b4 your BFP? I had mega sore boobs which started a week into our honeymoon and kept getting little fluttery feelings where i normally feel period pains. but obv was 2 and 1/2 weeks too early to be AF!

    The nurse at the dr's told me to expect a call from the midwife when i'm at about 8 weeks so roughly a month i think.

    Also does anyone else have the urge to look at baby clothes but doesn't want to in case they jinx the pregnancy? or is that just me being very strange? hahaha!

  • ms34ms34 Posts: 37
    hello all and congrats to the new joiners!!

    mrs m 2009, The only symptoms i have so far are tender boobs (hubbie keeps hugging me and i feel like i want to kill him- i guess that could be moodiness as another symptom!). Also feeling sick and sorry if TMI but burping the whole time. The sickness feeling is more like feeling a combination of hungover and having a very empty stomach. Does anyone els have that?

    Another thing i have noticed is that i cannot eat lots without my stomach bloating...... again it could be in my head??

    Mrs Morton i know what you mean - i have stopped myself thinking about anything until at least 12 weeks..

    my brother and his wife had a baby on boxing day - she went into labour during christmas lunch image so we have told them,,,, not sure when its best to let work know.... not yet i dont think.

    anyway i think i am rambling now.... image

    lots of love to all x x x x x
  • laineeblaineeb Posts: 65
    Hey MrsMorton

    I thought I would 'just know' if I was pregnant, but I really didn't. I just felt as if my period was coming, I still do!!! I really can't wait to get to the stage where I'm actually planning on the baby coming but right now it's all too surreal. I'm terrified to jinx anything xx
  • Hi Laineeb

    Well when i was having those things.. sore boobs, weird fluttery feelings i was thinking to myself... no way! lol there's no way i'm preggers this quickly! but then i did the pregnancy test and couldn't believe it!

    I actually did the test and it came back negative, so i chucked it on the side of the bath in a paddy and thought to myself that i was an idiot for thinking i was preggers! lol

    Then hubby goes back into the bathroom 10 mins later and comes out grinning and shows me the test which now shows positive! lol i cried my eyes out! hahahaha!

    Then did 2 clearblue with conception indicator just to double and triple check! image

    Just hope the next couple of months fly by so i can tell everyone!!

  • Ms34- you're not alone- I keep burping lots too!! image I also feel a bit sicky when I'm hungry, but that could be just hunger pangs and my head thinking it's a symptom! I'm also really tired, but then I'm usually quite a tired person normally anyway. Although think a bit more than usual!

    Mrsmorton- my boobs grew really early on and I kinda had a feeling I might have been... But as it was our first month of trying, im not really sure whether that was me talking myself into being pregnant. And with loads of time off over Xmas I had plenty of time to think about it!

    Has anyone bought any books yet? We've just ordered a pregnancy 'bible' with all the hard facts and then a paperback each with more of the experiences from a blokes and woman's perspective for each of us! Knowledge is power and all that! image

    And the all important question- who is watching 'one born every minute' tomorrow evening? I watched the last season, but hubby and i are going to sit down and watch together! Hope it's not too gruesome... Or emotional!! I find myself getting all teary eyed by just hearing a love song these days!! Haha!
  • Congrats to all the new Sept mummies!!

    My lovely hubby bought me "Your Pregnancy" the netmums guide to having a baby - and I've just bought "What to expect..." as recommended by a few people. Not too much relevant to read at this early stage...I'm willing these few weeks away!

    I too am feeling VERY bloated - it doesn't take much food for me to feel full, and I'm full of wind (at both ends image ). Other than that (oh, and hubby would argue, being a bit moody...) I'm not feeling that pregnant, if you know what I mean?

    Mrs Morton, I'm also trying to avoid looking at too many baby-related things.

    I'll probably be watching One Born Every Minute, but not sure I'll get hubby there image
  • I hope you ladies can help - this afternoon when I went to the loo there was light pink (very watery) blood when I wiped....none on my pantliner (just some discharge) and none in the loo. I'm really worried now - and today was the first day I'd managed to convince myself the poppy seed might be here to stay image

    Not sure if I'm cramping as had really bad bloating and trapped wind for the last few days, which is a very similar pain.. image

    I'm 5+4 by the way, and due to see mw for booking in appt next weds (haven't seen any other health prof yet).

    Oh, and today is my 30th birthday...great present image

    Any advice/reassurance? Has anyone experienced similar??
  • Hi Mistyscott,

    From what friends and also nhs online say light bleeding is quite common:

    NHS: In early pregnancy, you might get some light bleeding, called 'spotting', when the foetus plants itself into the wall of your womb. This is also known as implantation bleeding, and often happens around the time that your first period after conception would have been due.

    But if you're worrying i would call the Dr's and schedule an appointment with them, even though its early days they might do a scan or just make you feel better. My friend Kelly experienced quite heavy bleeding at about ten weeks and thought the worst but had a healthy baby girl.

    Try not to worry! xxxxx
  • Thanku Mrs Morton - I don't think it's implantation bleeding as I'm too far along, and I think I had that the day I tested positive too.

    I'm waiting for a call back from the docs - but it feels a little like cystitis? I used to get it a lot when I was younger from not drinking enough... Is that common in pregnancy??
  • Hi Mrs Morton

    First and foremost I want to say happy birthday but I'm sorry that you are feeling so rubbish.

    Spotting is common in early pregnancy, but I know this wont stop you worrying, its only normal that you would be.

    I have miscarried before and the spotting and blood loss was accompanied by abdominal cramping which felt like AF and also back pain and you don't seem to have that so try to take it easy because stressing will not do you or the bean any good. If you still feel anxious, maybe phone nhs direct. I think they normally put you through to a midwife to speak to.

    Hope everyone is ok. I'm bunged up with a heavy head cold which arrived yesterday. Feel dreadful!! Got doctors appointment in the morning tho he's not going to be able to do much. Scared myself something silly last night. Went to use the lol at 1ish and had a really bad stomach pain that lasted about half a minute and then it just stopped. There was no blood or spotting so have been convinced into thinking it could have just been trapped wind as i had eaten a bit of broccoli and asparagus along with carrots at dinner.

    Today ive had a bit of Back ache and boobs aren't too bad today but ive no appetite, even for liquids (tho that could just be this cold). Really Just want to get to the next trimester. This one is no fun!!!

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