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how much for wedding breakfast?

We are hoping to get married in Spain, the places we have looked at charge around 60 to 80 euros a head for 3 course meal and free flowing wine, beer and soft drinks during the meal! Then it would be extra for food on the night time!!I????m wondering whether its actually going to be cheaper getting married at home!! what do you all think? xx


  • With free flowing booze?? That doesn't actually sound too bad!
  • Mrs-L-2bMrs-L-2b Posts: 1,702
    I think that sounds quite reasonable, obviously depending on what the food is and what sort of venue it is?

    We paid approximately £50 per guest for 3 course meal, 2 glasses of wine and tea/coffee after meal.
  • I think that sounds very reasonable- see if you can get them to include canapes too!

    We paid £12000 for catering for 150 people which was canapes & three courses. Included bar and waiting staff. We sourced our own booze for our bar which was FOC as we had the wedding at home.
  • Were having 56 in the day and 150 on the night and it £4000.
  • Were having 56 in the day and 150 on the night and it £4000.
  • we're paying £55 each for a 4 course meal and just 2 glasses of wine.

    i think that sounds good the boozes are expensive normally so free is fab!

    plus you get the sunshine!
  • We're paying £49 per head for a three course meal (there are only 30 of us) which I think is about average. Wine will be approximately £25 per bottle so for two glasses each it would be an extra £8.50. Your deal sounds reasonable! image xxx
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