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Hi Ladies,

Does anyone have an idea of what they are budgeting for flowers?

I have a very rough idea of what I would like for my bouquet and what I would like for the venue but until I visit the venue again I don't have much of a clue on quantities etc.

Can anyone 1. recommend a florist either in London or surrounding areas and 2. tell me what you are spending on flowers?

I know it will vary so much depending on what flowers you are having and how big your venue is so even a rough idea of what people are having/getting for how much would be fantastic - I am really struggling with this!


  • MoodleDGMoodleDG Posts: 584
    Flowers were my biggest drama too....

    I met with Wild at Heart and they never bothered to get back to meet which wasnt great after we had a meeting with them and they are supposed to be one of the best! They quoted approx. £4k

    Met with Zita Elze and as much as I love her style and designs I Couldnt justify the price for flowers for one day!

    Even though we didnt have a budget and could spend it, I think its such a waste for one afternoon!

    London florists are an absolute rip off and i refused to be taken for a ride.

    So found a cheaper florist - think shes called west london flowers - worst florist ive ever met!!!

    then put a thing up on here and got a message up from a lady called Jo who is based on the South coast but travels all over and her stuff is gorgeous and when we met I thought she was fabulous. Really attentative and helpful as well as not coming with the London price tag so I would definately say have a look at her!
  • Thanks so much Mooi - I will take a look now!

    I really have no clue how to get an idea other than asking on here or contacting random googled florists, I guess.

    I LOVE flowers but I'm the fact that the wedding is all held over two rooms in the same venue will help me keep my costs down but still look amazing.

    Also I love big headed blooms so maybe less will be more (she says, hopefully


    Any other budgets/recommendations would be great!
  • Becky86ukBecky86uk Posts: 931
    I got everything I wanted by going outside of London to W flowers - came in under £700 and do stunning flowers - means more money for other things image
  • Thanks Becky86uk, I'll have a look there too!

    Can I ask what £700 included?

    Thanks v much.

    I've also just found an old post from someone toying with the idea of buying their own flowers wholesale the day before and arranging them at the venue themselves... am wondering if this might be an option.

    I usually tend to go for one colour, one flower type when I buy flowers for parties at home so this might work...

    Would anyone else consider doing this or would it be too much to take on? Hmm
  • MRCJMRCJ Posts: 225
    I'm doing a lot of my own flowers. I'm having the bouquets and large arrangements made. His buttonhole. The regular guests buttonholes and the table arrangements will be me. I've done weddings before for friends and its not hard at all. Look at Covent Garden Flower Market or flowers4florists online. You're best getting your flowers from Holland as they are commercially grown and harder to destroy!

    You can buy other bits and bobs you need on Jamie Aston does a day florist course - so does Judith Blacklock and most of the big London florists (Paula Pryke etc). It might be worth doing a course with one of them and then you'll have more of an idea of what you want.

    There is Angel Flowers in Islington. I don't know how expensive they are but the shop always looks amazing and I've seen a couple of weddings in magazines they have done.
  • Becky86ukBecky86uk Posts: 931
    Sure. My theme is all White roses and orchids. It includes a shower bouquet, 4 bridesmaid posys, 2 corsages, 5 button holes, 8 centrepieces of 3 submerged White roses on a mirror with tea lights and individual submerged roses for the top table
  • I had Angel Flowers do mine...

    Sandra was really easy to get along with and produced some amazing arrangements.

    church flowers, bouquets and buttonholes and cake flowers came to just over 1000.

    We didn't need to organise reception flowers as these were included in our hotel package.

    I'm sure angel flowers can adjust to suit various budgets...they are online (if you want to take a peek).
  • MRCJ - I'm thinking more and more that this might be an option, though I'm not staying at our venue the night before so not sure if it might be stressful!

    Cupcake4everUK and Becky86uk; I will have a look at your suggestions and try to get some quotes from Angel flowers and also W Flowers - thanks for the recommendations.
  • That's ok...

    Personally I would not have wanted to arrange my own flowers...

    I had so many last minute things to tie up the day before the wedding that it would have really been too much. And on the morning the venue room was busy with those setting up the room....all I had to think about was getting ready myself..and that was quite enough tbh
  • I have a Florist in South London. I am having a lot of flowers, I am big on Roses etc I don't like 'filler' flowers and loads of green.

    I am paying:

    Bridal £68

    Bridesmaid 5 x £40 £200

    Baby b maid £20

    Ladies Crosage 4 x 10 £40

    Throwing bouquet £30

    Groom £6

    Button holes 7 x £4.50 £32

    Reception/Table 7 x £55 £385

    Top Table 7 x £18 £126

    Window garlands £75

    Pedistals for Cem RM £200

    Fireplace £38

    Staircase £75

    Entrance Pedie £100

    Entrance Table £65

    Square table £50

    Piano £36

    Tables £24

    Bay trees £30

    Charge £75
  • I am thinking the same, do I want another added stress or do I want to be pampered a bit a sip champagne with my bridesmaids!

    Amberlinnie - wow that sounds like a lot of flowers - it'll be beautiful. Do you have a large venue?

    Thanks for putting prices, I will make a note of these when I go off to get quotes x
  • bmaundbmaund Posts: 425
    The flower co are great, I'm a florist and our shop is friends with her shop on facebook and she does lovely work. As a florist I couldn't even imagine doing my own wedding flowers, unless you intend to shove a few stems in a vase (not very exciting) you can't begin to understand how much work there can be and how much can go tits up!! If I had £100 for every night I spent up late panicing about getting this flower open, that flower hydrated etc etc plus the ammount that has to done on the day (when the bride should be getting ready not faffing at the reception) I think people who confidently boast about diy flowers have either very basic tastes and or the kind of false confidence that only comes from a lack of experience of how much can go wrong. The last thing any bride needs the night before her big day is to be up at 3am because things with her flowers haven't gone to plan.
  • MRCJMRCJ Posts: 225
    Just because you're doing your own flowers it doesn't mean you have to do them the day before!

    I'm having my tablecentres in water (check out the tutorials on for more information on how to do it. You could also prepare your foliage. The trick is to PREPARE the flowers. So if the wedding is on the Saturday, order the flowers for Tuesday, prepare them and put them in flower food for 48 hours until the Thursday. In this time prepare your foliage base which is most of what your flowers will be anyway. I still have a foliage arrangement from Advent - they last forever - and then add the flowers on the Thursday or Friday morning. It should take a couple of hours. If you're in London it might be worth having a trial run with some flowers (ask the market seller for second quality which are cheaper). You can have a practice and see how it goes. A bouquet of roses should be about £10 so the practice is worth the money.

    I'm not doing it to save money - I'm doing it because I'll be so organised I'll be needing something to do. We're also all staying in a private house so I'll be cooped up in the room all morning with my hair in rollers! You just need to practice.
  • Ipanema1 - I love flowers. I am having all the fake flowers removed and replaced with real ones. So every little table has something on. I have tea lights planned for everywhere.

    I am a bit over the top... We are getting Married at Sundridge Park Manor. (The Wedding House)

    A xx
  • ladylouukladylouuk Posts: 105
    Im going with MJ Vaughan, been quoted £2.5k, huge amount I know but very very important to me + came in with lots of ideas...
  • july2011july2011 Posts: 817
    My flower budget started at £500 as I'm not big into flowers and just wanted something simple.

    Then I fell in love with some massive centrepieces - so now we're paying approx £1.6k for 10 x huge centrepieces, 2 x bouquets, 2 corsages, a ceremony display and 15 buttonholes.
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