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Budget flowers! Eureka moment

My wedding has been and gone but i just had another lightbulb moment for my friends wedding, she like me doesn't have the hugest of budgets to justify flowers throughout the whole day, this was until now!

Interflora do some lovely birthday flowers which come with a vase, i have received these before and they are lovely and really big. £26 each

I hope this helps someone image


  • shelleyf30shelleyf30 Posts: 3,971
    You could sell all the vases afterwards too
  • bmaundbmaund Posts: 425
    not wanting to put a downer on this but.......

    mosy florists can provide the loan of a vase for little or no charge so you'd be better just spending the entire of your budget on a nice tied bunch in a vase!!!!!
  • shelleyf30shelleyf30 Posts: 3,971
    Im not sure where you live but im from the London area and the Cheapest quote a got for a reasonable sized flowers was £40 per table. i ended up making my own, buying vases, mirrors, pieces for it all (non floral) and got the cost down to £20 a table. as i said before someone could use these £26 a table and sell the vases for £5 each afterwards, i have had the flowers sent as a present and still have the vase and pretty straw surround and they are well worth the money
  • Thanks for the tip image I had a look at their website and I'm going to try one of their florist first (well, I say one of theirs, but the flowers are provided by them and florist is seperate, based in Devon) but thought it might be an idea! It's good to get a review as well, at least for the one bunch, and I hadn't thought about selling on the vases if I do go down that route!
  • shelleyf30shelleyf30 Posts: 3,971
    Every little helps and Tesco stateimage glad it helped someone, i had such a headache with centrepieces, i almost wish i had of thought of this 10months ago image
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