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Anyone getting (or has been married) in Lake Bled in Winter?

We are planning a Jan 2010 wedding in Lake Bled Slovenia. We have always loved the idea of a winter wedding and the place looks stunning......just wondered if anybody else has done this or are planning to get married around the same time. Or even if you have just visited round about Jan.....we are hoping to go and visit before the wedding (hopefully this Jan to judge the weather) but not sure if we will be able to afford it. Really trying to find someone with "real" photos of the place in Winter....

Any info would be priceless!




  • Hi there.

    I was wondering how you got on with your wedding Slovenia.

    We're planning on getting married there at the start of Feb 2012 in the castle in Bled but we're not sure who to book with?

    Would you have any tips at all?


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