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Personalised fish & chip newspaper

Hi all

We have always wanted fish and chips for our evening buffet, but wanted to create our own newspaper to wrap it in with our story as a couple. Does anyone know how or who would supply food safe newsprint and if this in fact can be done?

We are now thinking of having fish & chips as the main meal, and having a hog roast as the evening buffet, what do you think? Will it look cheap? Both our parents have turned their noses up, but we don't want a formal sit down meal and we are having the reception in a marquee so it's a blank canvas, and think it will work well with our outdoor/walking theme.

Also does anyone know of any good caterers that could do both food options well in the derbyshire/yorkshire area?

Many thanks,



  • Ms_NatalieMs_Natalie Posts: 1,997
    ooooh, there was a lady on here who had personalised fish and chip right back...let me search it out for you image
  • Ms_NatalieMs_Natalie Posts: 1,997

    The lady is called KittyKinsUK and she has been on here recently. Maybe send her an email to get further info?

    I think they're fab! image
  • Hi there

    Were looking for the same thing i just wondered if you found anything & where from?!!
  • Me too I would really like the cones to be personalised if any one has any infomation about this please share!! xxx

  • Ooo, what else are you doing for your outdoor/walking theme? I dont have a theme as such, but if there was one it would be the Peak District and walking and so there I would really like to have this as a flavour of the day. I'd be really interested if you want to share some ideas!

  • ps - sorry i dont have any knowledge about the fish and chip paper. Sounds a lovely idea though.

  • We're having fish and chips as wedding breakfast and a BBQ in night, my Mum was not impressed at first, but has eventually come around to our way of thinking.
    We also wanted personalised paper or cones but so far we've not been able tp find any unless we place a MASSIVE order (like 2000 or something like that and we only want 60!). I can't get the link above to work - did anyone else have any luck or have you found a site where you can get these? 

  • Any help with this as i would love personalised chip cones too
  • Has anyone had any luck with this?  On the basis of the interest here there is clearly the market for it!


  • Hi ladies, have any of you had any luck sourcing personalised fish and chip cones?  I have been toying with the idea of making and selling them on etsy...would be good to know if there is a market for them! x

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