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Argh - can't concentrate!

Hi folks!

Is anybody else having major problems concentrating on their ordinary life? I'm a postgraduate student so I've got a lot of flexibility about when/how I work. Two weeks into my engagement and a couple of weeks away from a major deadline and all I want to do is play on the Y&YW website, daydream and brainstorm wedding ideas. With no boss breathing down my neck, it's proving all too easy to neglect my work. I feel really guilty about it, but at the same time can't seem to stop myself! Hence me being on here at 1pm on a Wednesday when I should be doing statistics!!!

Please tell me I'm not the only one!

Amy x


  • keztkezt Posts: 75
    When I was planning my wedding I was on here all the time, after getting married in august I managed to curb my habbit but now im pregnant im on here again lurking in the forums lol

    You are not alone I think many people are addicted to YandYW

  • abkbabkb Posts: 313
    Hi Amy, I'm a PhD student, but when I got engaged I was about 4 months away from finishing my Masters. This was dissertation time, but I just physically couldn't get motivated, and spent hours on YAYW! I was going on it so much that H2B had to block the website during the day! But now, I come on here a lot less, and spent much less time thinking about the wedding etc, because I know I need to do some PhD work! I usually do wedding stuff in the evenings with H2B, have a mooch on YAYW at lunchtime, and also have a few short breaks in the day.

    What I'm trying to say is that at the start weddings will be all you can think about, then it'll all calm down a bit when you've got the main things booked, before the excitement builds up again before the wedding! x
  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    Thank god its not just me!!!!!!!!! I'm currently juggling my dissertation, 3 assignments and my obsession with YAYW and all things weddingy!

    Its amazing how many reasons I can find to not do any work! I am having major eeeks though as I too am getting near deadlines!
  • Yep, I can relate. I have a full time job yet i'm on here....not good! I remember when I 1st got engaged I had no idea how people planned a wedding and worked all at the same time! The initial additction went away for me, but it is back now the wedding is so close!
  • Phew, I'm glad it's not just me! And it's really nice to hear there are some other postgrad brides-to-be out there! I'm in the middle of my masters at the moment, and will be getting married a few days after my dissertation deadline! That's going to be interesting! The best laid plan (which of course won't happen!) is to hand in the dissertation at least a week ahead of time to give me some pre-wedding time free. Yeah right, who am I trying to kid! I'm going to be such a stunning bride with dissertation stress-induced spots and under-eye shadows! Then it'll be a couple of weeks in Greece to de-frazzle for the honeymoon before I start my PhD. It's going to be a busy year! image
  • I'm so glad I read this thread! I got engaged at christmas and we're planning to get married next summer and planning has already taken over my life! I work full time and i'm slap bang in the middle of doing a part time top-up degree and just so happens that the module i'm doing at the moment is my dissertation. I can't concentrate on anything to do with it at the moment, i'm so occupied with searching for venues at the moment because I know we are going to have to work quickly as places get so booked up. We are aiming to get somewhere booked by March, so hopefully can have a few months of normality before hand in date in May! Its all I talk about at work, think my friends are totally fed up already and i'm constantly looking on websites for ideas and my house is full of magazines lol. Hopefully I will calm down after the venue is booked and relax a bit. But it definately has taken over - any free time I have revolves around looking at wedding stuff! Definately good to know there are others out there - its just to exciting when you get engaged!!! image
  • MrsPLMrsPL Posts: 417
    Dissertation due april - were having to move out of our lovely flat in march and in with my mum - self emplyed and working every hour im not in uni - sis in law to be getting married in may and insisting we use our hard earned cash/wedding money on her extravagant hen and stag weekends - trip to USA (not moaning can't wait but it was booked before engagement and we rly could use the money for the wedding!)- best friend is heavily preggers and hubby is working away abroad.....yet all i can do is plan the wedding and sit on YAYW!! image xxx
  • Haha!

    I'm glad I saw this post too! I've got a 3000 word essay I need to start (due in April) and I'm on my second week of placement on A&E so I'm doing a 7-7 shift tomorrow, get up at 5a.m plus I should be working agency work every spare day.

    ....but no, I'm writing out tableplans complete with pretty colour codes and keys and lists...and on here! image
  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    We are all so naughty! I just cant help it though. I love all the planning and chatting with other b2bs, its just totally distracting! I go on the net to research journals and papers etc, but some how manage to end up on here!! Now i've found yayw I dont think i'll ever be able to leave! I might as well just pack in my dissertation, two part time jobs and driving lessons and be employed on here! Haha image
  • Well to be honest, with all the advise and information flying around we could all ditch our jobs and become wedding planners! Hehe

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