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Can anyone recommend a pram?


I'm looking for a pram that converts to a pushchair. The pushchair must be forward and parent facing and fold with the pushchair seat. I was looking at the mama's and papa's Sola which has all these functions but it's a bit more than I want to pay by the time I add on the car seat and all the other accessories. Can anyone recommend an alternative?


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  • I've got the Graco Symbio and I love it! Would definitely recommend it x
  • Hi,

    I have a non recommendation if that helps! The Mamas and Papas pilko switch. It's so heavy and unmanageable and by the time my l/o was 4 months it was too small for him (to be fair, he is a big boy but even so!) and I had to get another one! So much for 'lasting until he is 4'.

    A lot of my friends have Quinnys and they are very happy with them. When we have another that is def what I'll get.

    Hope this helps!!!

    Good luck. We found pram buying the most confusing thing of all the baby purchases! image

  • Heya, we have the mamas and papas pramette which i love, but it's not parent facing when it goes into puchchair mode. So it wouldn't be any good for you. My SIL however has the mothercare my choice and loves it! the pushair mode can be forward facing or parent facing really easily, fits in her small boot (she does the wheel on one side off to fit, but that takes about 5 seconds to do and the same to put on! which is also great at places like the doctors/health visitors as you normally have to leave prams outside, and stops it from being stolen (yes people actually will steal your pram image !). It is also really easy to steer and is quite cost effective as it can be used as a travel system (they use the maxi cosi car seat with their's)and is quite a bit cheaper than what we paid for our mamas and papa's one (which we got in the sale).

    It's so confusing isn't it! there is just too much choice. Hope you manage to find one that suits you!

    Jo x
  • JHyamsJHyams Posts: 1,848
    I'm going to buy the Icandy Cherry. Its very light (5.5kg), parent and rear facing, very compact when folded (it needs to be as I have a mini), and fits a maxi cosi car seat. But if you think the Sola is too pricey, this one probably is too pricey for you.

    I had a look at the Babystyle Oyster, which might be good for you. It costs about £500 for everything (car seat, pushchair, carry cot, foot muff, sun canopy, mosquito net which filters out uv rays). The only reason I didn't like it is because it weighs over 11kg and I am a weakling! (plus we have loads of john lewis vouchers and they don't sell it, but sell the icandy).

    Happy pushchair shopping. I'll be buying ours some time next week when we find out what colour to get! x
  • I did have a look at baby style oyster but I'm quite tall and I found the pram to be too low down. Although the handle bar did adjust to a comfortable height.

    I have also looked at the Icandy Cherry. I did like it but it was a bit more than I wanted to pay plus OH wasn't keen on it. Can't remember the total price but it was £450 just for the pushchair.

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  • i have the sola and it is ace.

    in denim, it arrived this morning and been playing with it all day!

    on offer at the moment

    i got pram + aton car seat - £50 off

    then 3 for 2 on accessories so got foot muff, parasol and car seat attatchment so i can clunk it into pram frame.

    so can use car seat or pram seat forward or back facing,

    pram seat fully reclines so no need for carrycot.

    also comes with rain cover and basket for under pram

    collapses easily, very light, very manaouverable and the denim colour is fab, i love it xxx
  • was about 450 all in for everything, which i think is a bargain xx
  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807
    One thing I can say is DONT buy a silvercross....not only did my pushchair fall apart, they then lost it when they were repairing it and wouldn't offer me a replacement. Mothercare stepped in and gave me another Silvercross which then went back cos it was faulty (folded up with baby in it until I took a screwdriver to it) and I ended up with a Britax (cheap, easy to use and better than the silvercross)

    Dawn x
  • The Sola in denim is lovely. The only thing is, that I would like the carrycot too and unfortunately they only do it in black. Which is a shame as it would be lovely in the denim.

    Think it worked out at £637 for pushchair, carrycot, car seat, foot muff, changing bag, parasol and car seat adapters. Thats getting the £50 off deal for buying the car seat as well as the 3 for 2 deal on accessories.

    I'm looking for something similar around £500.

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  • HRoper2bHRoper2b Posts: 563
    We are getting the Sola in truffle, cost £411 for the pram, puschair, footmuff and adaptors from a small independent retailer! If you want to know the details I will let you know the details!

    Then have ordered the Maxicosi pebble which can be used with it for about £130 (although did find it on the internet for £99.) I am not sure if the maxicosi cabriofix also works with it which comes out a bit cheaper!

    We spent a lot of time trying to choose a pram (so much so that we almost forgot about everything else!) but we found it such a personal choice that there was nothing better than going and trying them and seeing what suits you best. I struggle with the height of some as well, which seemed to be a big problem with some of the cheaper brands (although also with the bugaboo!)

    We had the iCandy Cherry and the Mothercare Spin on our short list, all of which get very good write ups by Which?. We also have friends who have paid £1000's for a pram and others who have paid less than £200, all are very happy with their choices as their pram suits their needs!

    I must say that our friends rave about their Gracco which was very afforable, although they didnt realise when they ordered it off the internet that it was brown!

    I would also say shop around - we assumed that we wouldnt be able to get the Sola cheaper than at Mamas and Papas (where we didnt wnat to buy from given the poor customer service we recieved when looking) but we did manage it!

    have run shopping - I loved choosing the pram and it really made me feel like I was going to be a mummy!

    Hannah x
  • JHyamsJHyams Posts: 1,848
    John Lewis do the Icandy Cherry (just the pushchair though) for £380, and the pram bit is £150.

    I know what you mean about the height. I'm only short (5'3"), so haven't really found it to be a problem when I tried out the Oyster. But I had a look at the Bugaboo Bee, and when you use the cocoon, it is far too low even for me. And there is no height adjusters!

    Have a look at independent retailers and John Lewis because if you find it cheaper elsewhere, they will refund the difference.

    Good luck x
  • Do John Lewis really refund the difference if you find a pram cheaper elsewhere? Even on line?
  • JHyamsJHyams Posts: 1,848
    I'm not sure because I have never had to do it!

    I think if you do find something cheaper (exactly the same product) then just quote their 'Never Knowlingy Undersold' policy at them.

    I've always found them to be really helpful, and we had our wedding gift list with them. They have nursery parking spaces in their car parks, so you can check that the pushchair fits in your boot and they show you how to put car seat in. They even put the make, model and year of my car into their computer to see if the maxicosi car seat fits on to the isofix of my car... which it doesn't!! But I can use the seatbelt fastening instead. Plus they also do a Baby Advice service, where they help you to decide what you need/ want, and you don't have to purchase everything through them.

  • NowMrsMNowMrsM Posts: 536
    I'm a Graco Symbio fan too! Our lil man is 2 weeks old, loves the carseat and the carrycot... is fab to steer, easy to fold and really sturdy... Fits easily into the boot of my car- even the carrycot bit goes really flat so can get it all in the boot of my 1 series with no probs... image
  • My baby is now 9 months and we have the icandy peach also bought from john lewis, although it was expensive i cannot recommend it enough. it is brilliant, lovely to push, comfy for baby and looks great (people often stop me and say what a nice pram)
  • Just to let you know re teh maxicosi Car seat and ISOIfix (And anything else you want that mothercare sell!) if you can find it cheaper anywhere on line they will match the price. I saved about £90 when I bought my car seat & Isofix.
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