help needed... Mexico or Las Vegas???


Just wondered if you lovely brides and brides to be could help me....

We fell in love with moon place for our wedding destination years ago and since then we've had a baby who's now 5 months old.... My hubby to be loves Las Vegas and would love to get married at The Bellagio or Caesars Palace

We were just wondering what las Vegas was like for babys/children as there is a lot to at Moon Palace!!

Thanks for your help. hopefully we can book something very soon xxx. image


  • lindsayulindsayu Posts: 1,939
    Depends what time of year you want to go also!
  • 11nov1111nov11 Posts: 366
    i am going to be a mexico bride so my vote is for it!! we looked at vegas too but it was wayyy more expensive. i would say vegas later when your baby is a little older and then there are things to do away from the strip. grand canyon etc. imo vegas is not the place for a 5 month old.. def picture yourself on the beach chillin v bright lights of vegas. you can always get married again when you do visit vegas!!
  • Easter x
  • 11nov1111nov11 Posts: 366
    looks like you are leaning to vegas when you didnt mention my comment!! i think vegas wud be fun too.. easter would be nice as can get toooo hot.
  • july2011july2011 Posts: 817
    Vegas isn't really geared up for kids anymore. I think it might be a bit too hectic with a kid and Mexico will be a lot more chilled and relaxing.

    Two very different experiences, depends on what you're after.

    My vote is for Vegas, because I absolutely love it!
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