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September 2012 and a change of date...

Ive been engaged since september last year, and we have been planning the wedding since. We settled on may 2012 and went to book the date, and suddenly both chickened out image we have both stressed with money and so have decided a few extra months would be good so we know have over a year and a half until the wedding - september 2012. is any one else scared?

Ive found that since booking, im yes very very excited but scared lol. i want everything to go right, and have an amazing day, but i cant stop worrying about everything, anything and everything. i feel like im not normal image any one else got scared after booking?


  • Hi hun,

    Well, I haven't booked anything yet (!!!) so I can't say what that will do to my nerves, but I think it's totally normal to get scared when you take a step that makes the whole thing feel more real to you. I felt that way when we went from just talking about it, to him actually putting the ring on my finger. It was like, "Eek, this is actually happening!" Are you feeling scared about the practical stuff, like finances and planning the wedding day, or more scared about the emotional stuff, like the commitment of getting married? I think either is perfectly normal and I'm sure if you talk to people on here, and talk to your partner, you'll find it's only human to freak out from time to time! I've just finished reading Offbeat Bride (the book, not the website) and it was a wonderfully reassuring read that I'd highly recommend! Probably not everybody's cup of tea, but it made me feel a lot calmer, and made me think about the important bits of getting married, instead of getting whipped up into a frenzy!

    Hope you feel better soon hun

  • to be honest with you - I'm bored now!!

    got engaged in april and am finding the whole planning thing quite easy (until my mother gets involved!)

    I'm quite sure I'll get excited as we get closer but at the moment, I have other things to deal with which are more important.
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