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30 Day Shred

Just got my DVD today, i've heard it's a killer so i'm going to wait to start it friday night, that way i can have all weekend to recover!!

Has anyone completed it? Would love to know if it really works!I want to lose half a stone and tone up!


  • cm_prcm_pr Posts: 339
    I haven't completed it, but tonight will be my 3rd day on it. Seriously, I thought I was fairly fit but my legs and arms are KILLING me!!!!!!!! It's really intense, but was easier second time round so I imagine tonight will be even more so? I hope so, anyway!

    I took my measurements before I started and I'm going to do that each time I move up a level.

    I've heard nothing but good things about it though.
  • I can't wait to start it, everyone says it's amazing, i'm going to take my measurements before i start too. Lets hope we shred inches!! image
  • Kimmy!!Kimmy!! Posts: 335
    I intend on starting it soon too, I go to circuit traing twice a week but the trainer is just about to have a baby! so when the classes stop i'm going to give it a go image Fingers crossed for good results!!!

    Good luck x
  • That's day 1 done, it was hard work but I persevered! So glad I pushed myself! Only another 29 days to go!! I measured myself so I really hope I see results at the end!!

  • hi ladies, i done day 2 of level 2 today and i was dripping with sweat all over again, so badly wanted to give up but kept up with it, my body is pretty flaby so have a lot of work to do but it has started to tone, have taken mesurments so will let you know at the end. i am also dieting. keep it up girls xxx
  • Well done, I'm on day 2 of level 1. The 2nd day was harder as I was still aching from day 1! I'm trying my best to keep it up but it's hard work, it's a long 20 mins. I just hope I see results!!

    Can't wait to find out how its worked for everyone!

    Keep up the good work everyone! image
  • MrsW2011MrsW2011 Posts: 210 New bride
    Can I join you? I have just ordered mine and can't wait for it to arrive! I'm getting married in three months and need to lose a dress size to go from 14 to 12, or less if I can. I really hope its possible as I've bought my dress now lol!
  • After reading this thread I have just ordered a copy from Amazon image So I hope to start as soon as possible..I'm a size 14 and woukd love to be a 12. Fingers crossed x
  • I've completed it last year and it was amazing! I toned and tightened so much I could almost see proper Abs!! I even went on and beyond the 30 Days as I loved it so much, sometimes doing all 3 levels in 1 day!!

    But now I've lost my motivation, put back on all my inches and lbs and get married in 10 weeks - abroad! So I am desperately trying to lose the belly for 2 reasons = 1. Because I want to feel good in a bikini on my honeymoon and 2. Because my dress no longer fits!! ARGH!!

    I need a kick up the bum ladies! I'm starting back on to Level 1 tomorrow and re-joining Slimming World on Wednesday in a last-ditch attempt at fitting into my dress!

    The countdown is on......let's get shredding!! image

  • Hayden85Hayden85 Posts: 134
    I'v just ordered my copy after seeing it on here! Getting married on 23rd april, must lose weight! am slightly terrified of it after reading the reviews tho!!
  • Oh. I've already attempted this 3 times and stop a few days into level 2 each time image

    I'm also getting married abroad, in 50 days, so I really need to start up the shredding again. Thanks to this thread I'm going to do it tomorrow before work. I must keep at it this time or they'll be harpooning me on the beach! image
  • i've had to have a few days off the Shred as i've been doing a long commute to work and was too tired once i got home so i am going to start again! I did it the first time yesterday after 4 days off and i thought i was going to pass out! I've still got 15 months til my wedding so i have plenty of time but i am going to be a Bridesmaid for my sister in August and i made her order me a size smaller dress! Probably not a good idea but i need an incentive!!
  • VodVod Posts: 507
    I got halfway through level 2 but I've not been able to do it over the last two weeks as I've had an infection. Back on it tonight and I can't wait!! It's the best DVD I've ever had! I might do level 1 for a couple of days to get me back into the swing of it again.
  • I am waiting still for my DVD to arrive fingers crossed it will be at home when I get back from work tonight! I am a regualr exerciser but seen so many comments about this being hard I cant wait it could be the final challenge for me to lose that last stone and tone up!!!
  • Gah. I didn't wake up early this morning but I am determined to start on level 1 day 1 again tonight after work. I have my dress fitting next week, is one week enough time to lose a few pounds and tone up significantly?!?!

    There's my incentive.

    Vod - hope you're better now, we will be starting at the same time so please feel free to nag me and I will do the same to you (if you want)
  • Well ladies today is going to be my Day 1! I've been to the gym at lunchtime and will usually do my shred before work every morning but tonight I'm doing it at 6.30 when OH goes to football!

    Can't wait to get bak into it, it was so good last time! I've also got 2 of my friends - both coming out to Zante with us for the wedding (1 is my Chief Bridesmaid!) - also joining in the challenge!!

    74 days til the wedding - I could go through it twice! Haha!!

    Welcome to all the new shredders!! image

  • Polly27Polly27 Posts: 681 New bride
    I have just ordered this DVD and am a little bit scared. Do you need hand weights for it?
  • bridetobe - you will need hand weights for the shred but if you can't get them straight away you could always use a couple of bottles of water? image

    Don't be scared, you'll come to love Jillian soon enough!

  • VodVod Posts: 507
    Nessynoo - you're on! (but don't shout at me on Thursday or Friday as I can't do it on either of those days image )

    You'll definitely notice a difference within a week - I could see it after just two days last time!
  • Day 1 done! Can't believe how hard it was when I haven't done it in so long!! I'm glad though - I need something challenging!!

    So let's see if I get up in the morning for Day 2 or if I leave it until the evening lol.

    Keep it up shredders!

  • VodVod Posts: 507
    Vod 1 - 0 Nessynoo ?! image
  • Vod 1 - 0 nessy

    I'm giving you a head start because you can't do thurs and fri image

    I promise I'll wake up early and do it before work tomorrow!!
  • I'm starting to hate jumping jacks!

    Can't wait to try level 2 but i've heard its a killer! I move onto level 2 on Friday.

    Desperate to measure myself and weight myself but i'm not going to til the end, will post the results once i've finished!

    Good Luck everyone, we can get through this together! image
  • Vod 1 - 1 nessy
  • Vod 1 - 1 nessy
  • Double post
  • Day 2 done! Can't beleive I dragged my aching legs out of bed to be honest!! But so glad I did!! image

    Amanda - well done for getting this far! I remember going on to Level 2 the first time - it ended up being my favourite level! You'll love it! image

  • Hayden85Hayden85 Posts: 134
    Still waiting for mine to be delivered, cant wait to start it!! Sounds like an absolute killer!
  • I'm with you hayden mine should have been here yesterday and still no arrived hoping it will be home tonight so I can start tonight!!!!
  • Polly27Polly27 Posts: 681 New bride
    Mine has arrived today. Can't wait to get home and try it! I am determined to do it every day for the next 30 days. My h2b is going to take my measurements tonight before I start and then hide the tape measure so I can't measure myself again until the end of the 30 days. I'm doing weight watchers at the moment and have so far lost 1 stone, I only have 1/2 stone to lose until I'm at target so I'm hoping this DVD will help shift this last stubborn 1/2 stone. I have also told my work mates not to let me talk myself out of doing it during the day- I'm very good at this!
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