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what church songs are you having..

need idea's for hymns and mainlyu for the solist as were signing the register.


  • I'm having

    One more step along the world I go

    Shine Jesus Shine

    and either Give me joy in my or Lord of the dance.

    All happy ones to make people smile.
  • NowMrsMaggsNowMrsMaggs Posts: 1,823
    All things bright and beautiful, lord of the dance and amazing grace are our hymns.
  • Whitley2b, I am having One more step along the world I go &

    Shine Jesus Shine too! I love the words to one more step...very appropriate!

    I love them both, we did a draft of our order of service so H2B and I had an impromptu sing a long...we are so rock and roll!
  • We are having Lord of all Hopefullness, Shine Jesus Shine and Make me a channel of your peace. That last one is just so beautiful we are having the All Angels version playing whilst we sign the register too xx



    unsure what to do whilt signing the register at the moment. Any good suggestions for a tape of songs?? could try to find a local soloist? unsure. wont people want to chat? may not if soloist is singing.... not sure how that bit works haha! image
  • We're thinking of

    Be our chief guest Lord (to morning has broken tune, really lovely words and everyone will know the tune)

    Make me a channel of your peace

    Either Lord of the Dance or Give me joy.
  • SarahMor84SarahMor84 Posts: 1,493
    Like some of the suggestions, I think they are popular choices.

    dependant on how many we have the shortlist are

    - Lord of the dance

    - Make me a Channel of your peace

    - Morning has broken

    - Give me joy in my heart

    - One more step along the world I go

    - Amazing grace

    I love all things bright and beautiful too
  • We're thinking of one more step as i agree with others its very apt not really sure on the others would like you'll never walk alone for whilst signing the register as h2b is a lfc fan so need to see if its possible and item thing its appropriate too
  • we are having Jerusalem as our hymn and a song called Ferris Wheel by I am Kloot as we sign the register - the words are lovely.

    My SIL and brother had a solist sing Pie Jesu and Ave Maria while they signed the register - it was stunning.
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